Learning to cook a decent meal

This has been a little bit of a cheat because I was already working on this before I heard of Look Wider. However I won’t use my past dishes in this work.

So I spent an hour today preparing a meal of meatball sandwiches with salad. It was more posh than that sounds. I made the meatballs out of minced beef, put basil in there too. I made the salas as well, I stoned an avacardo for the first time. Drizzled olive oil on stuff, used red wine vinegar. The sandwiches even had cartoon cheese in it! (Jarlsberg if you want the real name) But we (James was involved in the preparation as well) cooked too much olive ciabatta and couldn’t finish. Oh well. I learnt how to cook mince beef as meatballs. That’s real enough for me. 1 down, 11 to go.


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