Amazon World – Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight has a many animal parks to choose from so I picked Amazon World when I saw the advert for it in the brochure as we crossed the Solent on the Ferry. It seemed to be the only one that homed various different animals, opposed to just Tigers or Owls or Monkeys.

Plus I didn’t think I’d visited as a child and James said the same. On first arrival we found the cafe closed and being Saturday morning we were hungering for a fry up. Luckily the garden centre next door does a fabulous one. As we re-entered the car park I suddenly had the feeling I had been there before, but couldn’t work out if that was because we drove in half an hour before. There is a small shop of wooden crafts and homeware items that I seemed to remember too.

The zoo was larger than either of us expected, compared to the size of the island. It is mostly indoor enclosures with creatures ranging from birds to terrapins, to insects and lizards, and monkeys and leemers and fish. I had a few favourites of course. Considering we’d seen a sloth caged with some monkeys in the first room seeing this one hanging about over our heads was a suprise:

In the same room we met this anteater. I’d never paid much attention to them before but this little guy was awesome. He was dancing around the bush looking for food. Plus the pattern on his fur made it look like he was wearing some kind of wrestling leotard. I was a little concerened as well that this ginger anteater was homed with the only ginger monkey in the park, and they were probably the only ginger animals we saw. If I was ginger I might have been offended.

When we walked into a room designed for desert creatures I was being watched by a small Pokemon type animal. He was staring at me and I couldn’t help stare back at his tiny face and giant pointy ears. He was hiding, he was sitting behind a post and his area was neatly tucked away under some other enclosures. He was called a Fennec Fox – although no other information about him was given.

The last critter we saw, which James fell in love with, was a Toucan. Looked like he just jumped out a comic with his exagerated features and rich colours.

The Amazon World zoo was great fun and very informative. At around £8/£9 an adult it is worth a visit if you’re on the island. It is difficult to compare to the larger Zoos in London and the South East though, as these will have all the big draw animals as well as the smaller creatures. There was a lot of construction going on around the outdoor section as well, which can only be a good thing when you see the size of the enclosures.

So it gets a thumbs up from us, can’t compare to any of the islands’ other animals parks though. Not yet anyway.


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