How I would have written Mockingjay

{Warning: Spoilers from The Hunger Games trilogy}

First I’d like to say that I am not taking anything away from Suzanne Collins, she created an amazing trilogy that has got a wide range of people talking. I imagine writing Mockingjay and Catching Fire would be an impossible task as The Hunger Games works well as a stand alone book. However new points were raised at the end of the book which required answering and I believe Catching Fire and Mockingjay enhance the story tenfold.

This post is how I would imagine Mockingjay could have been written. It is difficult to write a rebellion and revolution story because if it were that easy they would happen more often. However as part of the Hunger Games triology I would have included The Hunger Games in the final book.

It would continue on from Catching Fire in the same way. Katniss living at District 13 and Peeta being hijacked in the Capitol. The only thing that I would change from Catching Fire is the scene were Peeta is given CPR, although another scene showing Peeta’s near death would still be needed to show Finnick how much Katniss loves Peeta. (I need the CPR scene for Mockingjay.)

The first half of Mockingjay would still work. Peeta would be shown as a traitor on TV and Katniss would ask for the other victors’ immunity. Katniss would still do her TV spots to raise awareness of the war. But the rebels would not go in to save Peeta. Before this happens Snow and Coin agree to stage a Hunger Games using their own soliders as players but keeping to the 12-18 age range. Snow would suggest this as he can see his empire is close to destruction. Coin would agree as this seems the easiest way to de-throne Snow. The Capitol’s team would be Peacekeepers and Peeta and the rebels team would be soliders and Katniss. Coin would pressure Katniss to go in as she is the Mockingjay and persuades her with the fact that she would be surrounded by soliders protecting her. Confused at why Snow would use Peeta they see TV footage of Peeta screaming to kill Katniss after his hijacking.

In the arena the tributes would be in two teams and there can be more than 1 winner if they are on the same team. The rebels kidnap Peeta in the games and keep him strapped down and try to reverse his hijack as this situation is making Katniss an easy target for the Peacekeepers. Through the Real or Not Real game Peeta returns close to his former self. However he fully recovers (some flashbacks may still affect him) after he somehow falls unconcious and is revived through CPR. This scene plays out slightly differently from Catching Fire – while he is unconsious the cannon fires and his face is shown in the sky. (Snow wants him dead as his plan has backfired.) But Peeta revives and realises Katniss does care.

After a final battle only Katniss and Peeta survive. They stand confused and discuss if they should take the berries but they know this won’t work. As Peeta persuades Katniss to kill him the announcement is made that Katniss has won the Games. When they leave they find that as Peeta technically died he was no longer a player.

The rebels win the war. The Capitol citizens get behind them and Snow is de-throned. Katniss kills Coin for forcing more Hunger Games. I didn’t like the trial scene where Katniss is alone for weeks but I guess this was used to finish the story off quicker. Katniss and Peeta have to end up together. Maybe Gale ends up with a fellow solider or finds Madge when they arrive back in 12.  I don’t know about Katniss’ mother and Prim, they seemed like an afterthought throughout Mockingjay.

I would go into further details on the side stories but that wasn’t the point. I felt The Hunger Games should have been played in Mockingjay and this is how they could have been included.


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