The Craft Craze of Felties

If you asked me 6 months ago what felties are I wouldn’t have known. I probably would’ve had a guess that it was a form of fuzzy felt. (I miss fuzzy felt.) But the idea of making cute little critters out of felt would not have come to mind.

On Christmas 2011 my brother’s girlfriend gave me a book called ‘Felties’ written by Nelly Pailloux. Instantly I was hooked, just by looking at the cover. Hollie must have known I’d been getting into crafts recently with my holiday scrapbook and handmade cards. This was perfect for me. Just days after Christmas I was in Hobbycraft collecting thread and beads to go with the felt I had be given with the book. Before the start of the new year this little one was born:

(The picture is about three times the size of the little puppy!)

Within a week another was born. I picked the Lion as I only had limited thread colour to choose from.

The step-by-step instructions in the book make it easy to follow but it does require concentration. The stitch around the edge of the felt looks quirky but a wonky line can bring down the quality. So making these critters is time consuming. I usually want to get it complete in one sitting but then the stitching looks terrible as I lose concentration by the end. I made one last night which had this problem so I will rework it before she is posted. (Posted on this blog I mean, but I will also be posting her to my Nan once completed.)

So far I’ve been learning the skills through the book. I’ve created the Panda and Alien, as you can see:


However I will soon move on to creating my own creatures. If you Google ‘Felties’ and search for images you will see so many people making these critters and it is deffinetly a good place to start. But I want some original work too. The dog I was working on last night was a variation of the sailor puppy. Instead I made her a regular puppy with a red bow. I’ve got plenty of ideas to put into felt but first I need some time to do it. I’ll post new updates when they are created.


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