Parasailing – Alcudia, Majorca

This is probably the quickest, and cheapest, experience I will write about. We did it. We were strapped to a parachute and flung up in the air but not for long. We were pulled back in because of complications on the boat and sent back to the beach for a refund!

However we did experience it. We watched from the beach as a couple and their son were parasailing before us. They were up in the air for a while and as they came back to shore they told us it was fantastic. So we waded into the water up to our thighs, I was pulling at my shorts to keep them from getting wet! The boat took us out to some open water before we were strapped to the ropes. We were told to bend our knees and then I can’t remember what happened because we were hanging off the end of the boat. Our feet dipping in and out the water but not in the air.

Once up we got a good look at our surroundings. The beach was to our left and we could just make out people. We were looking around at the cliffs surrounding the beach, the sun high in the sky and the water we were floating above. But before we knew what was happening we were heading back toward the boat again. We thought this was all a part of it but the looks on the guys faces showed something was wrong. A smaller boat came to collect us and took us back to shore while these guys carried on fixing things.

To make matters worse as we arrived at the beach the family who went on before us asked what happened. We told them it broke and the lady said “oh, we thought maybe SHE didn’t like it.” Me? Why me? James is the one with a fear of heights sometimes. So sexist. No I was fine up there! But we did receive our money back, which was very nice of them. They also gave us a scribbled voucher to use on a banana boat ride. James was thrilled. However when we returned for our Banana boat trip on the Monday they were nowhere to be seen! Never mind!


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