The Sims 3 – PC

This is my anti-blog. The Sims 3 = Missing Opportunities.

I’m sure anyone reading this is aware The Sims 3 is a PC game where you control the lives of people called Sims. And I’m sure many who have played it will know that to give these Sims life you have to reduce your own. I bought The Sims almost a week ago. A day later I bought an expansion pack (a game that enhances what your Sims can do.) Since then I have created a Sim, had him marry and have two children, and have watched the children grow into adults and have their own children, who are now teens/adults. As you can guess I’ve spent too much time on The Sims.

I fully blame myself. I told myself not to buy this game as it would take up all my time. I finally gave in last week. Now the rest of my life suffers for these Sims. Not that I have many plans. I’m currently waiting for a start date in my new job so I have time to spare but I could be doing far more productive things. That is why I am writing this – to stop myself inserting the disc and waiting for Ebony to become an adult.

Seeing as you’re inetersted, here are my current Sims – Link and Ebony Boone:

In this shot they are teenagers but since then Link has become an adult. They share the same surname but they are not siblings. Link was infact Ebony’s brother’s imaginary friend. Dexter, Ebony’s brother, turned him real using the chemistry set. I loved it and wanted to make sure Link stayed part of the family. Dexter has now moved out with his wife Shana and are expecting a child. Link is waiting for Ebony to grow up before they marry. Ebony mother, Arielle, lives with them and I am trying to get their father, Zander, to move back in.

The one problem with the game is the glitches. When Arielle was pregnant with Ebony Zander froze. I tried restarting the game but he wouldn’t unlock. I tried moving house but then everyone froze. So I found a cheat and deleted him, I was worried he would get stuck dying since his hunger couldn’t refill. However when I moved Dexter and his wife out it gave Zander as an option to move so I randomly moved Zander in with Shana’s family and he is suddenly real again! But Arielle and Zander’s relationship has dropped so I am trying to get them happy again so hopefully he can move back in.

The other glitch is with the boarding schools. I tried to send Dexter off as a child but a car never came to collect him and he just stayed home all day. It was a blessing actually as that gave him time to work on his chemistry set and make the potion to turn Link real.

I loved turning the imaginary friend real so I got another potion so Ebony’s friend could become real. But I hated Cotton Boone and sent her off to boarding school. Luckily she actually went.

But just look how cool imaginary friends are;

And the great news is that when Link and Ebony have kids they will be able to turn into toy form and back too! Yay!

So you can see what I’ve done with my week. I have been working on Brownie Pack Holiday too. Really I have! But this more so. I need to take a step away from it and get back to my life for a bit though.


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