Shanklin Chine – Isle of Wight

For me this was a nostalgia trip, for James curiousity.

When we first arrived on the Isle we were too early to check into our chalet so we drove to Sandown. We overshot Sandown and parked up in Shanklin. We walked the length of the promenade and then arrived at the entrance of Shanklin Chine. It was closed for the season, but luckily it was opening 1st April which was the Sunday of our weekend!

Sunday morning we parked up in the same place in Shanklin and walked down to the chine. As we walked in we were given a service sheet. Looking confused we walked on and were greeted by a woman elaboratly dressed – possibly the Mayor, and asked if we were part of the committee! Me in a hoodie and James with his jeans and trainers. No, we weren’t part of the committee. There was a memeorial service taking place in the chine and we were asked to watch from the hill behind us where we saw a crowd of people lined up. Awkward! We were just there to see the chine.

We found a cafe round the corner to have breakfast and decide what to do next. The cafe owner thought the service would be a couple hours so we decided to try back tomorrow.

On the Monday we made our way to the chine and actually got in! I’d forgotten how large it was. There was a jubilee exhibition showing artists interpretation of the Chine over the years, including work by Turner. The chine is a really inspirational place, and that’s coming from a couple who usually spend our time on rollarcoasters.

We walked through the chine to the top where the tall waterfall starts.

It is a lovely walk but we were a little rushed because of the time we put on the car. We wanted to stop off for a cream tea in their cafe as well. It’s great for kids too. They would love looking at the stocks and the birdwatch hut has lots of information about wildlife creatures. I wish we had put more time on the car so we could’ve experinced it longer.


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