Sitting Vollyball – Brownies

It was first week back after Easter holidays and we got started using our new paralympic sports equipment given away by Sainsbury’s. It was a brillaint kit, especially so since it was free!

When I suggested blind football as an option the girls looked worried. Brown Owl came in with the suggestion that we try sitting vollyball this week so we divided them into three teams and set up the net. We didn’t have a ball pump for the vollyball in the set so we used one of our own balls. The girls found it difficult to stay on their bottoms at first. When one team won their last point from a girl lifting herself twice as tall as the others by resting on her knees I decided to make a point of staying on bottoms.

Robin has some experince playing vollyball at a high level so she was explaining how to hit the ball. But it made it a little more difficult as the girls couldn’t hit the ball over the net. After a few rounds Robin and I decided to wander in and join the teams. Only then did I realise how high the net was. Lowing it made the rallies run a little longer but some girls were still having difficulties.

After a while of this we offered to the girls if they wanted to play regular vollyball standing up. Which they literally jumped at. We divided the other team into 2 to join in the game and had everyone playing. Even us! Though there wasn;t much to do at the back of the court because the girls couldn’t hit it that far. But us leaders joining in gives a much closer feeling of being a unit, rather than leaders and Brownies. We should deffo involve ourselves more often.


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