Medal Craft Idea – Brownies Pack Holiday


For our unit this will be the first pack holiday in years. The last one I’m aware of was when I was 6 and my Mum brought me along during the days. The theme was Robin Hood and we did Archery and lots of princess crafts.

This pack holiday is being put together by myself. I’ve got so many things to consider it is getting crazy. Luckily a first aid refresher is coming up so we will all be up to date on that. But it is the Parents meeting I am dreading. Everyone’s eyes on me. All wondering if I have a clue what I’m talking about.

So, the theme is Olympics, and to get their Brownie Holiday badge they need to make a keepsake. So what better than a Brownie medal. I didn’t want them to be traditional gold, silver and bronze medals. They would all want gold. And they would look a tad unoriginal. So I’ve decided they will have the choice of foam in a range of bright colours. Also I’ll get some glittery foam to make them pretty. I’m not usually one for pretty and girly at Brownies, but the rest of the weekend will be sports and games so it would be a balanced programme.

I got LOADS of stickers after my trip to Orlando as I was making a scrapbook of our adventures. I still have lots of letters leftover so I will donate them to this craft. I also have a lot of stars and comets (which if you rotate look like olympic flames). Hopefully there is enough to go around without too many crying.

Thought they should be two-sided as well, gives the girls more to work on. And if they finish they can make  Greek olive leaf crowns as well.

Still need to make the templates but that won’t take long. At least it is something on the programme ready to go.


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