The Grand Reef – Discovery Cove – Orlando, Florida

There are lots of experinces in Discovery Cove that I cannot put them all together in one post. It wouldn’t do them justice. I wanted to write about the grand reef first because I just came across the pictures of our underwater adventure.

I have never been snorkeling before. I thought it would be simple but the strange feeling of breathing with your head underwater stunts your experince to begin with. James had done it before so he was off. I was still getting used to putting my face under. He was trying to help me, but at the same time you have giant rays gliding beneath you. Once you lift your legs up and you see a giant ray under you it becomes hard to keep yourself afloat.

It is also difficult because of the volume of people around you, doing the same thing. We probably did the same as most and came here once our breakfast went down so the area was very busy. So there are people and fish to avoid. While I was getting used to the basics James was off with his flash new underwater camera filming his experince. I managed to get underwater to wave for him though;

Unfortunartly the girl waving in his first film was not me. It was a very strange sensation when I saw the film because I saw this moment from the sidelines as well. I was standing up (water at my waist) watching James filming as he swam across the large coral reef. I saw him with his face underwater as he bumped into a girl. A girl who was about my age with brunette hair, and of course a snorkeling mask, so she did look like me. I remember she had pigtails though. And I saw this moment where they bumped together. James waved. She waved back. Then he swam forward and stood up and showed me the footage. I then told him that girl wasn’t me. Very funny though.

He did get me in one film though. I know this footage is me because of my awful doggy paddle as I realise I have swum over to the deep end and need to get out.

I wish I was the pigtail girl.

Anyway, I’m sure you can see from the images how breathtaking of an experince this is. Those rays really are huge monsters, and the colours are much more vibrant in person. I wish I could upload the films but they seem to be the wrong format.

This is an expensive day out though. It is an all-inclusive day (bar dinner) including the rental of wetsuits and snorkel masks and a free snorkel. Towels are on-demand and the amount of people who enter each day is restrickted so you know it won’t be crammed with people. (Just don’t go to the grand reef first thing).

I’ll write about the other Discover Cove experinces soon. There dolphins and lazy rivers to come.


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