Sheldon Cooper – Feltie

This was my first thought when I considered designing my own feltie creations. Round head. Beady eyes. Red and yellow flash shirt. I made a Sheldon Cooper feltie.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has to be my favourite comedy of the moment and no character beats Sheldon. Ever. I realise a lot of people find him annoying but the comedy comes from the fact that we people do not need to deal with him. Therefore we can watch and enjoy. I cannot stand Leonerd. A lot of people would react the same as Leonerd but I think he comes across as petty in the show when he gets his little ‘wins’. I like Howard a lot more now he is with Bernadette, it gave his character more dimensions than just an older Jay from The Inbetweeners. And Raj is hilarious, second favourite character behind Sheldon. Penny is funny too, but I prefer her when she is having banter with Sheldon. Bernadette and Amy are hilarious too, I cannot decide which female character is best. And that is why the show is great, too many good characters.

So my endless watching of Big Bang repeats lead the image of a feltie Sheldon into my mind. I won;t make you wait much longer. Let me introduce you to him;

Isn’t he cute! Alright he has very little in the way of expression and his shoulders are WAAAY to broad but I like him. He;s my new bestie.

I noticed the mistakes as I was putting him together but I’m glad I didn’t stop. It is my usual nature to give up on something when I know it is wrong but I knew I would learn from the mistakes more if I had a finished piece.


Lesson #1 – Rounder shoulders. Seriously, Sheldon looks like The Hulk. There are few characters I could make that would require such shoulders. And the padding of the shirt also increased this bulked up image.

Lesson #2- Stitching the hair can give the impression of curly hair.

Another area I will try to improve on the next one is the attachment of the shirt and trousers. Stitching them one above the other gave a squashed waist look. Maybe I could attach the front felt of the shirt to the front felt of the trousers, and then the back felt of the shirt to the back felt of the trousers. Make the body like one big feltie piece.

I was planning on making some Scott Pilgrim characters next but maybe while I am still experimenting I will stick with Big Bang and make a collection. I will update as and when.


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