Blue Man Group – Orlando, Florida

On arrival at Sanford Airport we were greeted by our Thomson rep Lee. He gave lots of leaflets and information including the big savings they can offer for the Blue Man Group show. James and I did not consider it at all. Universal parks were all that were on our minds. At the arrivals meeting the next morning we were told about the best shows on offer, Blue Man being one of them, but decided to get tickets for the comedy magic show with an all you can eat Pizza buffet.

It wasn’t until late in the holiday we decided to go for this. 2 reasons. 1, We thought we wouldn’t have enough money. 2, We thought we wouldn’t have enough time. Turns out we had both. It is personal circumstances that decide money, but by the end of the holiday we found we still had a little bundle. The other thing with Blue Man is that it is next door to the entrance to Universal Studios. While queuing for the Rip Rocket Rollarcoaster you stand next to the giant Blue Man sign. Plus while walking through Universal City Walk you pass a very interesting Blue Man Group advert of three men standing with tellys for heads. So we decided to see what the fuss was about.

Our Thomson rep did say it can be a bit hit or miss with people, and that is true. Some people, like us, love it. Others, like the man in front and the woman next to us, do not. If you like weird music and art and especially comedy then this is a great show. And it is the unexpected that makes it great (like all good comedy). The music is good, I love art, but for me the comedy is what makes this show.

The Blue Men are strange beings that are new to the ways of people. They cannot open Twinkies. But this innocence is what makes them so appealing and fun to watch. (And who else uses cereal as a musical instrument?)

Plus we met them afterwards;

They do not talk. They do not have facial expressions. They are almighty scary really but it was a great laugh.

(James suggested we didn’t include our faces. So I went for some yellow faces.)

On leaving the show we both had the same opinion. It was AWESOME! So we hung around at the shop wanting to take home a piece of the experince. We went for the DVD. It was a tour they did called ‘How to be a megastar’. On talking to the shop assistants about us coming from London, neither pointed out that we were buying a DVD for the wrong region. We managed to watch it when we got home though. The DVD is good for people who have not seen the show before, it inroduces you to them, but the singing takes away from the strangeness of the Blue Men and their accompanying voiceover man. It got to the point that I was bored and realised I was just watching some random band playing to a huge arena of people who hadn’t come to see them. However the DVD has extras and this is where some of the classic sketches rest (though not in their entirty.)

In all, I’m disappointed that being in the UK means I cannot see Blue Men again. We would need to book a holiday to the US, or Germany or Japan to be able to see them. (Plus the voiceover man kind of needs to be in your language to understand some of the jokes.) But I would recommend seeing this show once. You may not get it. But it is totes funny.


So a few hours after I wrote this I decided to put on an episode of Scrubs. I’d seen all of series 1-5 years ago so I got out Series 6 and, as you should, started with episode 1. Within the first 5 minutes J.D. walks onto the stage of Blue Man Group…how does that make any sense?!? It has been almost 6 months since I saw BMG and just a few hours after writing about them they appear on TV. Just Freaky.


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