On Your Marks Introduction – Brownies

We’ve been looking through the new ‘On Your Marks’ resource for a few weeks and decided to use the Sports badge as part of our pack holiday programme. So we thought we would use one of the other two, Cultures and Values, during the term.

We started yesterday evening by playing Seb Says, a take on Simon Says but using Olympic and Paralympic sports as the actions. This was a good warm up activity as it got the girls moving and learning about new sports at the same time. It was strange the ideas they came up with when given a sport they had never heard of. To stop the girls feeling excluded we got the girls who moved when Seb didn’t say to do actions on one leg, then no knees and then without an arm.

This lead us into our circle. We discussed personal goals and the girls each wrote a goal on a postcard, decoarted it and wrote on the back how they can achieve it. There were lots of musical Brownies and girls learning martial arts. Some were also trying to do better in school and help out at home. We’ve told them they will get these postcards back in 7 weeks to see who has achieved their aim.

Then we headed on to the olympic quiz. One side of the room was answer A and the other side answer B. We’ve done quizzes like this before and find most girls just copy each other. We didn’t want this to happy again so we gave half the girls the blindfolds that came with the paralympic equipment. They swapped with the other girls half way through. It worked really well. The girls thought for themselves and sometimes this got them the right answer. (Although a lot was guesses.)

Lastly we explained the two badges and what they contained. Then they moved to one side of the room or the other to make their choice. Suprisingly the majority picked Values. (Althought I think this was because it was pick with hearts on it.)


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