Blood Donation 3

Sunday was my third blood donation. It has become routine now. James came with me and I signed in at 2. I had my pint of water and re-read the donor information. My name was called and I went through to talk to the nurse. She mistook my general anxiety about being in public for nerves of the needle and insisted my boyfriend came in and sat beside me. I said there was no need but after I had the chat and my finger prick I was sent to collect James.

We sat at the end of the room and again waited for my name to be called. James was confused about his part in being there. I couldn’t explain properly because the nurse was still around so he just sat with me. The donation table was right next to the waiting area so James just scooched his chair over to it.

The donation went quick. We even joked about what the super nintendo noises coming out the machine when finished. We were sent over to get a drink but as usual James felt awkward when offered a cup of tea so declined. I had orange squash and some biscuits and made my next appointment for September (they get you like that.) Then we were done! There’s not really anymore to discuss with blood! Although I did notice the blood group keyrings on the drinks table, maybe next time I’ll work up the courage to ask for one!


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