Girls Generation – who is who?

On first watch Girls Generation all look very similar – on second watch there are some members of Girls Generation who look alike – on third, fourth, fifth watch there are some Girls Generation members who stand out. With any large pop group gradually it becomes easy to tell them apart (well, almost!)

I started watching Girls Generation videos for the last couple of months, I like the songs, and I like the videos. Girls Generation are a girl group from South Korea who are massive on You Tube. Their most popular video is for ‘Gee’ and has over 180 million views. It is easy to say their popularity has gone further than South Korea, why are they not on UK radio yet?

I was watching the videos so often that I started to teach myself who was who. This can be daunting when you see all their faces flash up during their videos, plus the same girl can look like a different person using make up and different hairstyles. So, for anyone new to Girls Generation I’ll show you each member below with their different looks in different videos, starting with those easiest to spot.


Easiest to spot in the most recent videos due to her short hair, Sunny has a very distinctive look.



Yoona is the face of the group, she has a striking image and was a member I grew to recognise quite quickly.



Hyoyeon is the main dancer of the group and also has a stand out look, rather distinctive.



The tallest member, her large eyes are a feature that makes her easy to spot. In the early videos Sooyoung has cropped hair.



Jessica is one of the American members of the group.



The leader, eldest member, and my favourite in GG, Taeyeon is also hard to tell apart at first. She looks very different in many videos so it can be hard to spot her. Taeyeon is also a member of sub group TTS and can be seen in the Twinkle video with blonde hair.



It took me a long time to recognise Tiffany, the second American in the group. She is also a member of TTS and can be seen with brunette hair in Twinkle.



The youngest member of the group, known in South Korea as the maknae. Seohyun is the third member of TTS and can be seen in the Twinkle video with dark hair.



The one I have trouble with, especially as she looks like Seohyun and Yoona in some of their videos.


So that completes the line up! I hope new GG listeners find this blog useful. I believe I would have. I always used to put their names into Google with the title of the video to see images but pictures of other members come up too! It is amazing how different they look in each video. Go back and watch ‘Into The New World’ to see how fresh-faced they were before all the costumes and make up.


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