Trevi Fountain – Rome

I’ve already posted some information about our trip to Rome, but I felt I should add another about the Trevi Fountain for those who may want to know what to expect. For us, we were happy to explore and come across this attraction with little previous knowledge. However if you are on a tight schedule and have little ones with you you may want some pre-adventure information.

Firstly, expect a lot of people. This is one of the free attractions and so is on everyone’s to do list. It is a 10 minute walk from the Pantheon and is linked by streets of quirky little shops. What also may be unexpected is that it is surrounded by buildings, it is very enclosed.

If you’re unsure if you’re getting close – listen out for the water, that is what James did when I was adiment we were going the wrong way. Then we stumbled upon this:


What you cannot see is the crowd surrounding it. It can be daunting at first but it is easy to step through the crowd to get closer. We worked our way down to stand alongside the fountain – which of course is lined with people sitting on it.

Be fair to those around you and only take a minute or so sitting on the fountain – there are others waiting. We took our turn and threw our coin into the fountain. The old myth is that it guarantees a return journey to the Italian capital. All money in the fountain is donated to the Red Cross.

We stepped to one side and took a few photos. We were going to head on with our journey but really needed a rest. There is a large step opposite the base of the fountain where we sat for 15 minutes and took in the atmosphere. For your curiosity this is how it looks in the middle of August.


While we sat and watched the people around us we noticed the strangest thing that tourists do. Some don’t throw coins in, some choose to sit on the fountain, pose with their arm in the air and smile for a photo! Why experience it when you can take a photo pretending to experience it to show your mates! Priceless.

We returned later in the evening to see it lit up and again the crowd was as large as the afternoon, so I wouldn’t worry about what time of day is best to go.

It is a lovely sight and definitely worth a visit.


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