Brownies – Armpit Fudge

I am still a Brownie Leader. I haven’t written anything on Brownies since our Holiday last year. I reread those blogs yesterday and face palmed. Buy a bigger house I said, they will all come I said. This year we did put a deposit on a bigger building, and so far only 6 have confirmed they will come. Two parents with ‘they will definitely be coming’ attitudes have changed their mind, 3 girls who have said they are coming have not confirmed. Plus we have half the unit being 7 year olds. I don’t know what I’ll do! Wait. That is what I’ll do. It should work out. I only need 12 to come as a minimum.

Anyhow, this wasn’t going to be about Brownie Holiday problems so I will move on.

Armpit Fudge

Two weeks ago we took on a food activity. I find these very hard as I am not an accomplished food expert i.e. I can make toast and scrambled egg and that is it.

I found a compromise, armpit fudge. Before I begin with the meeting I’ll give you the recipe:

Ingredients: (single serve version)
•2 oz. icing sugar (1/2 cup)
•1 Tbsp butter
•2 tsp cream cheese
•dash of vanilla essence
•2 tsp cocoa

What to do :
•Place all ingredients
in a sandwich-size plastic zipper-bag (Ziploc ™, etc). •Squeeze out all the air.
•Squish and moosh (under the arm!) the bag until all the ingredients are well mixed and there is a creamy consistency.
•Add any favourite flavours or other stuff (raisins, M&M’s, peanut butter, chopped nuts, etc).
•Take out a spoon and enjoy.

It sounds gross but it is really delicious. Rather than fudge it is more like chocolate icing. Anyways, here is how the meeting went:

The week before we had a term planning meeting and the girls gave their top ideas. So we started this meeting by explaining our plans for the rest of the term, pyjama party, Christmas party and bring and buy sale all on the agenda. Then we came to tonight, alternative baking.

“We will be making armpit fudge”. This was followed by faces of disgust, noises of ergh and yuk and lots of shocked girls who didn’t want to make it! I smiled and told them that they would change their minds.

We then got the girls into a type of conveyor belt. First washing their hands, and then taking a plastic bag and taking each ingredient under the watchful eye of us leaders and Brownie helpers. They added marshmallows, sprinkles and white chocolate chips. The bags were put inside a second bag to avoid going messes. The girls then sat in a circle and waited patiently while the Brownie Helpers (Guides who help us out) also made their own armpit fudge.

I asked again “who wants to make armpit fudge?” and the girls looking at their chocolate powder and marshmallow messes infront of them all cheered “we do!!!”

So we instructed them, put it under your armpit and squish! Altogether they started squashing the ingredients together. But their armpits weren’t quite strong enough! They started using their hands. Then a Guide had a new idea, through it full pelt at the floor. We couldn’t quite tell the Guides not to and chaos ensued as the Brownies followed suit. Some were hitting it against the wall, some were sitting on it, it was an all out brawl against their food! We had to calm things down and asked them to sit in a circle again. Passing out the spoons the girls digged in.

Some bags had split inside and had made complete messes, but the girls got on and ate them. Some were reserved, had a spoonful and decided that was enough. Others ended up with the mixture covering their face and hands.

The girls then helped tidy away the messes and left over ingredients.

So, the moral of the story? Trust your Brownie Leader and you will be rewarded with gooey, chocolately messes!


3 thoughts on “Brownies – Armpit Fudge

  1. Found this looking for the recipe for my own Brownies – I love the moral of your story! 🙂 Also thanks for the tips about lining them up to pass out ingredients! (The last time I did it was quite a few years ago!) Lisa x

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