Frozen – Another Strong Disney Film

I loved this film. I wanted to start this review raving that it is the best Disney film in a long time but I can’t. I loved Wreck It Ralph earlier this year, that film made me so happy I wanted to cheer and clap along with the toddler sitting in front of us. But Frozen also brought out some strong emotions in me. I wanted to cry as Elsa finally let go of her fears of using her powers and found out what she could really do.

As a child I never liked the musical side of Disney films, that is something I’ve come to love in the last few years – to the extent of having ‘Now That’s What I Call Disney’ in my car. But those songs are ones that have been drummed into my brain as a child – I do not look forward to listening to new music. Frozen had a collection of great songs, the strongest being ‘Let It Go’. I hadn’t read any reviews before seeing the film but completely agree with the fuss this song is receiving. The visuals also help as this scene shows the reclusive Elsa, who has spent her life hiding the fact she can control snow, discovering what she can do and you can see her whole body change as she becomes free. I’ve since watched this again on Disney Animation’s YouTube page and cannot get enough of this.

The contrast of the two characters are shown perfectly through ‘The First Time In Forever’ – another beautiful song I can listen to again and again.

My final favourite song is ‘In Summer’, it is heart-breaking to watch Snowman Olaf dream of Summer while completely unaware of what ‘snow does in Summer’. As expected though they found a way to keep the happy chappy alive in the end.

So for characters I was pleasantly surprised by Olaf. I thought he would be much louder and more central in the film and therefore annoying, but they did a good job of using him for short jokes and didn’t go overboard on the moving his body about skits. I think having a comedic character who you knew couldn’t survive if the protagonists succeed and was oblivious and naïve himself really helped the little guy become a favourite character.

But my favourite by far was Elsa, her story was the real heart-breaker. Being told my her loving parents to hide what she could do, being kept away from the sister she loved for fear of hurting her, and then knowing she would be hated by the people she was meant to lead should they discover her secret. Her transformation through the film make her the far more interesting sister.Image

Plus her powers were awesome, the sequel will clearly be Elsa taking on The Incredibles!


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