A little Christmas post

Just a quick post to remember the funny things. We had a great Christmas with the family, lots of food, lots of gifts exchanged and Doctor Who on TV. In the evening we played Articulate and I was teamed with my boyfriend James and my brother. Articulate is a game that shows how much you are on a wave length with someone, and James and I really are on the same wave length.

James: It’s a big dry part of America.

Me: The Sahara Desert. (My family scoff and chuckle).

James: Yes.

James: A baby frog.

Me: Newt.

James: Correct.

Me: Is it?

James knew a newt wasn’t a baby frog but that must be what comes into both our heads, which helps in a game like this! But the Sahara Desert one, that is just our poor Geography skills. I knew it wasn’t in America, but please don’t ask me anymore! That was our worst category last year, except last year we were on a team with my Uncle (who has appeared on old game show 15 to 1 several times and won it). He was not impressed with our complete lack of knowledge!

Me: (Describing Shanghai) It’s a big city in India.

When James and I get our own home we will need to put a massive atlas on the wall and study hard. I did only get a C in GCSE Geography.


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