New Year’s Resolutions – 2014

I always like the idea of a fresh start, trying new things and improving myself. So this year I have a list of accomplishments I hope to achieve and if I note them here hopefully this will encourage me to complete them.

1. Keep running – Over the last 6 months I have taken up running and have reached my 30 minute goal. I don’t have aspirations right now to go for a longer time, but I will attempt to go faster and therefore cover more distance. Running for 30 minutes, with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute warm down, is the perfect amount of time to fit into my busy week. My aim is to run at least twice a week.

2. Learn new things – I have recently found out about Universal Class. This is a online database of informal courses teaching in a vast range of subjects. Lessons consist of reading text on the subject, links to relating material, and an assignment and exam. Your work is marked by the instructor, some classes run polls on topics and some have forums to discuss the subject with ‘classmates’. I found this through my local library who issue its members with free classes. You can only enrol on up to 5 classes at a time and must complete it within 6 months. Courses tend to be between 10-20 hours of work. The subjects are so vast and include career development subjects, philosophy and religion, crafts and hobbies, writing and child development.
My plan is to complete 5 courses. Two courses to help develop my career, two courses to boost my skills at Brownies and one that will just be of interest to me.

3. Become a Peer Educator – As a Senior Section member in Girlguiding I have a few opportunities that are not open to other adult members, one being Peer Education. This involves attending a weekend training where I will learn to run sessions on issues that affect children. Bullying and Body Image are two common topics. I would then be able to go into other Brownie, Guide and Senior Section meetings to run these sessions as a leader of a similar age to the girls. Being 24 I only have 2 years left to attempt this and run sessions so I must complete this in 2014.

4. Keep on blogging – I love seeing this blog evolve and grow and I know only I can make this happen. Coming up in 2014 – clay pigeon shooting, PortAventura in Spain and possibly some final Merlin activities before our passes expire.

I realise this post will get lost down the pages the more I write so to inspire me I write my goals on stars and pin them around my bed so they will always be in my thoughts. Maybe I’ll even remember to report back on this in a year’s time! See you then!


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