My Running Gear

It had been three weeks since my last run and I knew that I’d need to fit in one more in 2013 to be sure this wouldn’t be just a phase. James was working today so it was easy to get up early and get in 30 minutes before my day of de-cluttering.

It felt great to still be able to complete 30 minutes after a long break and with plenty of chocolate tumbling around my belly. The last 5 minutes were a struggle but I didn’t stop. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of it.

So this post is to look at the equipment I use, I’ve received a few items for Christmas and bought a couple more. I’ll start with the first item I bought:


Nike Air Alvord 10 Ladies Running Shoes

I waited until I’d completed 6 runs, 2 weeks of training, before I invested in a pair of running shoes. I could feel that my flat tennis shoes weren’t best for pounding the street and was prepared to pay £30-£40 on a decent pair.

In Sports Direct there is a dedicated running department with a simple foot arch tester. By placing your foot – shoe removed – onto the pad it will light up showing which parts of your foot touch the pad. You then compare this with the high arch image and low arch image to determine which you have and therefore which trainers are best suited to you.

The difference running in these trainers was evident immediately. I felt more bounce with each step and a comfy feel on the sole of my feet. I did require plasters for a blister on my ankle which is long gone now and at first the laces kept coming undone but they are settled now.

It is a little cliché but these trainers fit my foot like a glove and I couldn’t run without them.

waist belt

Karrimor Running Belt

Some research early on brought me to this running belt to wear under my clothes to hold my ipod. This belt is perfect; I don’t feel it on my hips as I run, my ipod fits snuggling into the expandable pocket and it doesn’t bounce around as I run either. I highly recommend this!


Short Sleeve T-shirt

Though this isn’t one the actual shirts I use it is the same style. I have three from Primark which fit lovely. I also have one technical white vest for the summer and have also used regular t-shirts depending on what is in the wash. My preferred are the Primark ones and have had no problems with them so far.


Long Sleeve T-shirt

For this I always use basic Primark shirts. They are skin tight and I wear these beneath my short sleeve t-shirts to keep myself warm, but the main reason is to have two layers to thread my earphones between so they don’t stick to my tummy or rub up and down. That was very irritating in the early days.


Karrimor X Lite Running Jacket

This was a Christmas present from my Mum and I only tried it out this morning but I love it. It should’ve been cold but the jacket prevented the wind from hitting me hard enough to have an effect. It was lightweight so it didn’t hold me back and the hood fit around my head perfectly. The cuffs are tight so the sleeves don’t ride up my arms. Plus being light blue I’ll be wearing this one in the dark.


Waterproof Jacket

I started with a thin black jacket from Primark, it was a little short in the body but at £5 it was a steal. But as the days drew in and mornings and evenings got darker I needed a brighter jacket.

This thicker jacket from Trespass I bought before our adventure in Blackpool. We were expecting a lot of rain and this was perfect for the trip. When I started using this for running it was sometimes great. The problems with using it for running though is that it is thick, so it holds me back, and I can get over heated too. I only wear this now if the weather is stormy.


Karrimor Xlite Warm Running Tights + Karrimor Xlite Running Capris

When I started running my bottoms of choice were baggy three quarter lengths. I was conscious of what I looked like so I didn’t want to wear shorts or tights, but also I didn’t want to spend money on something if I wasn’t going to keep it up.

Now I have moved onto running tights. I started with a Primark pair that were fine and ran my first 30 minutes using the running tights above and they were fantastic. Calling them ‘warm’ is spot on, I didn’t think about my legs being cold once. I also now have a pair of three quarter length running tights which I am saving for the warmer weather. I had trouble before when wearing full length jogging bottoms, and my baggy three-quarter lengths would hit against each other as I ran, so I’m glad to have made the move to tights.


JVC Marshmallow Earphones (White) + Skullcandy Earphones

I was given the Skullcandy earphones for Christmas and used them for my run this morning. I have to admit I was disappointed in them. Perhaps it was the rain but they kept slipping out my ears and it was rather frustrating have to keep putting them back in. I did like the pause/resume button on the wire which allowed me to start the podcast when I was outside the door rather than fiddling with my belt before leaving.

I may try them again but my favourite to use is the JVC Marshmallow earphones. These were also a Christmas gift from 2/3 years ago bought without running in mind. They stay in my ears, are comfortable and can hear the podcast fine.


Karrimor Running Gloves

Since winter set in I’d needed a suitable pair of gloves to run in. Nothing woolly but something simple. These do the job just fine. I liked the added detail of a key pocket in each palm. I used these this morning and the only problem I see with this is the feeling that you have to hold the key. They won’t drop out if you didn’t but it is engraved in our brains not to drop things and feeling the key in my palm meant I spent a lot of the run with a closed fist. In the 5k+ podcast it advises you run with your fingers loosely touching your palm so it did require me to think to avoid clenching my hands. But it was a lot better than running with cold fingers, especially in the rain.

Wow, I never realised how much running equipment I’d accumulated in such a short amount of time.  Running should be a low cost sport but it is what you make it. I enjoy spending time in the running department in the sports shops looking at different accessories and types of clothing. I didn’t even go into my socks! I have a few special pairs designed for running which I aim to use unless they’re all the wash.

So am I missing anything from my collection? I’ve recently thought of wearing a hat but that would be the quickest way to overheat. A carry water bottle may be of use too. So with my new running items hopefully I’ll stay motivated into the new year.


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