5k+ Speed

Since I received my new running gear over Christmas I’ve had the urge to go on another run. Today was my first day back at work and with a short shift (9-4pm) I had it in mind all day that I’d head out for a run once I was home.

As I drove home I considered which podcast to listen to and had the sudden idea to try out the Couch to 5k+ Speed podcast. This is a shorter run but with intervals of increased speed. I like a new challenge.


This podcast uses AudioFuel – a system of using music with a certain number of beats per minute to give you a rhythm to run to. This doesn’t work for me. Partly I believe because I run faster than the podcast allows and partly because I cannot hit the right beat. I’m not very musical but I did spend a few years playing the drums so the beat isn’t usually a problem for me, but on this podcast it is.

I was okay with the 5 minute warm up but when the first 5 minute regular run began I quickly decided to just run my regular pace. It is difficult to run properly when ‘Laura’ counts one, two, three, four, rather slowly so I tried to ignore this.

After 5 minutes my first 1 minute interval of fast running arrived. I began by trying to keep with the podcasts pace but decided again to do my own thing and run as fast as I consistently could. This was followed by a minute regular run for a total of 6 intervals.

I’ll admit it, by the third interval I walked rather than ran when I slowed down for the recovery minute. Not for long but I needed it. This run was VERY reminiscent of the early days. I hadn’t done interval training since then and suddenly running is now a recovery! I loved thinking how times have changed.

I’ll do this podcast again. I want to run the whole thing without any sneaky walking breaks and I want to improve my speed. I’ll have to be patient as I was in weeks 1 and 2 of Couch 2 5k and record my progress here.


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