Grease Sing a Long

For a belated Christmas get together some colleagues and I visited a local theatre to watch and participate in a Grease Sing a Long. At £15.50 it was an expensive cinema trip but had the added bonus of an interactive sing along, including a goodie bag of items to help share in the experience.

Dressing up was highly encouraged so I spent a part of Friday perfecting my outfit. I did not want to buy anything new so went for a coral dress, not quite long enough for 50s, and a black leather jacket. I tied my hair into a high ponytail, wore nude tights to match the summer setting and wore my converse with white ankle socks, which I was shocked to find I own! (The socks, not the converse, they are always on my feet.) Many of my colleagues wore similar outfits, pink ladies jackets, red wigs, 50s dresses and lots of leather jackets. Most people in the audience dressed up and it gave quite the community feel. Lots of children attended too.

On our way into the auditorium we were given a brown paper bag with a selection of random items. A tissue, some pretzels, a balloon, a party popper and a race flag. Before the film a warm up lady came on and asked members of the audience who were dressed up to take to the stage to show off their costumes. Sat near the back and without a specific character in mind we stayed seated. We then found out what our random items were for. Waving the tissue during ‘Hopelessly devoted’, starting of the race with the flag, and a party popper to end the film with a bang. My favourite though was the bag itself. During ‘Beauty School Dropout’ these were placed on our heads to represent the backing dancers. One was still on my colleagues head as we left the theatre due to the rain!

Disco lights indicated the songs they wanted everyone to get up and dance to. The song lyrics came on the screen for us to sing along to with added animations to enhance the songs. It was a real party and everyone was singing at the top of their lungs.

We all came away buzzing and determined to find another similar experience.  The company we saw this through were called singalonga and they run shows at all different theatres. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!


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