Brownies: Working in Sixes – Bin Bag Fashion

An important part of the Brownie programme is working in small groups known as Sixes. Our Sixes are named after mythical creatures and each is led by a Sixer and a Second. The Sixes work together on group activities, help each other, and learn how to act as a team together. When a new girl joins our unit she is placed in a Six taking into consideration her age (we like to keep a mixture of ages) and keeping her away from best friends, sisters or cousins. Without the influence of girls she knows well the Brownies can be themselves, meet girls of different ages and make new friends too. Last night’s meeting was the perfect example of Sixes working together:

We took a break from the World Cultures badge to have a fun, team building meeting. The previous week we asked a couple of girls to plan the evening from the Brownie Adventure files and they chose a celebrity theme. They asked to try the pop star alphabet, famous faces quiz and bin bag fashion. (They also wanted us to invite a celebrity but with only a week to plan that was a no. Had I had more time I could’ve bought some one direction masks!)

So as the girls arrived they headed to their Six corners to start work on the pop star alphabet. In short, write a-z on a piece of paper and name a singer, pop band or musician for each letter. The Sixes discussed the music they knew and more ideas came along as each girl arrived at the meeting. Some girls got stuck and started naming anyone they could thinking of – Alan Titchmatch! – and as well as One Direction, Little Mix and Katy Perry we had Abba and The Beatles too.

Next the girls tried the famous faces quiz. I’d spent a little time cutting out Brownie uniforms from the uniform catalogues and famous faces and merging the two to make a collage of famous Brownies. The likes of Rebecca Adlington, Andy Murray and David Cameron were dressed up. My favourite was Prince George as a Rainbow. The only face that no one could guess was Clyde, the Commonwealth Games Mascot.

We then moved onto the main event of the evening. Bin Bag fashion! The Sixes were briefed of their task, using bin bags, newspaper and selotape they must create a fashion masterpiece with accessories included. I always think an activity must be good when the Guides are just as excited to start helping as the Brownies are to start creating. The girls were given 40 minutes, during which time we marked their quizzes and looked on at their genius ideas. Here are the results:

bin bags

(The photo just cannot do them justice!)

On the first outfit I liked the full length black dress made from two bags taped together with a newspaper belt. They also worked hard on a large newspaper hairclip but couldn’t get it to stay in.

The second outfit was very creative with the one shoulder look and plenty of newspaper accessories including a crown, handbag, bracelet and necklace.

The third outfit was very practical. The newspaper tote bag was filled with newspaper to bulge it out and the fitted shoes has some lovely bows on top.

At the end of the evening the models paraded around the circle. When I said they could take it all off now they decided not to! They wanted to go home like it!

The Sixes worked together by assigning different jobs to each member. One had to be the model, one focused on cutting the dress, another may have been making shoes while another made a bag. All their ideas came together and they discussed the best ones to go with. The Sixers took a leading role in directing the other girls in their Six, whenever a Brownie would come up to me with a suggestion I would take it up with her Sixer and they decided together. At the end of the task I got each Six together for a photo as I ask them to they all squeeze in together and cheer ‘BROWNIES’ and I feel it helps cement the bond they have created during their task together.



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