Brownie Annual – Not Just For Kids!

This post is acting strange. Paragraphs keep vanishing. I’ll try to rewrite it quickly but it’ll have to be a condensed version now.

Brownies chose PARTY – Hostess badge as their theme for Brownie Holiday. Very fitting with the 100 years celebration of Brownies! They will be decorating the hall with paper chains, balloons and paper plate spirals. Making party invites, prizes and party poppers. Making a plan for their party and making up party games in their Sixes to run for the others. And what would be a birthday party without a cake!

I’m not much of a baker so needed a recipe. And what luck. The Brownie Annual 2014 has the perfect recipe! Why do I have an annual at age 24? It has become a regular novelty gift from my assistant leader Mother. And it comes in handy too! So with the Brownie Annual’s help I managed to bake a cake. I learned a few things too:

1. Read the recipe fully and be sure to add milk when they tell you to.

2. Mango mixed with icing sugar was not thick enough.

3. Use grease proof paper in the cake tins (although this wasn’t really a problem!)

4. Turn the cakes up side down to get a nice flat cake surface.

On Brownie holiday each six will make a layer so it will be three layers. However it does need to be sliced into 20 so everyone will still have a decent piece of cake. How did mine turn out?


Lots of runny icing! And all on a hilly topped cake too. After this I moved it into a cake tin without the moat of mango surrounding it. The chocolate layer was far too rich, almost chocolate brownie type cake. Less cocoa powder and more milk needed. The mango layer was lovely! Really fluffy with only a slight hint of mango flavour.

On putting the ingredients away I found a lemon icing mix in the cupboard. Perfect! This would come out a better, ticker shade of yellow than my mango attempt did. Plus the girls will still get to mask the mango for the cake. And I never would have thought of mango in a cake if it weren’t for the Brownie Annual 2014! Maybe I even have a new hobby.


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