Clay Pidgeon Shooting

No animals or birds were harmed in the making of this post.

Clay shooting is something I knew James wanted to try. It came up as an activity at Center Parcs, however this was a laser version and I knew I could buy the real experience as a gift quite cheaply so moaned that I didn’t want to do this at our winter holiday week.

I bought this as a Christmas present through Virgin. It was quite trickly to book up, the online booking line didn’t work and the phone was never answered, but after a while we were booked in for a late winter weekend. We like to enjoy these things together so I booked myself in too.

On arrival I was a little nervous. It seemed like a clichy club, who were we to trespass? The reception was a little cabin and we were told we could collect our free hot drink and roll from the food stand. We weren’t all that keen so skipped that part.

There was a group of 9. James and I appeared at one end of the group so were picked to go first. I marked off James’ scores as he shot. The first couple he missed but once he hit it there was no stopping him.

I was up next. The instructor was a friendly older guy. I found the instruction a little difficult to understand at first but between each shot he corrected where I went wrong. The first type of shot was straight up. Holding the rifle I lifted it to above the treeline and shot when it reached the peak. I had been nervous that I wouldn’t hit one so when I got my first one, after a few misses, I felt great.

My Dad was worried I would bruise my shoulder due to the recoil but I never experienced this. The instructor would place the rifle on my shoulder so this must help avoid any injury.

There was one instructor for the nine of us so we had a long wait between goes. Everyone else in the group was pretty good too. Lots of chat about Call of Duty.

The second round saw a different type of shot. The clay would be fired away fron you, into the distance. James couldn’t get the hang of this one so when I went up and hit 3 in a row I think I showed him up! (But more likely he did it to make me feel confident!)

The final shot was two clays. The first one going away from you then the second one high in the air. This was a good challenge and I hit a fair few. This activity was the sort that once you got the hang of it you wouldn’t miss many.

It was great to try a new sport, though it isn’t an activity I’m in a rush to do again. In case you’re wondering James beat me over the three rounds, but only just! Plus, should the zombie apocolypse arrive, and suddenly everyone has a gun like TV, I know how to handle it!


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