Walking Dead – Season 5 Predicitions

SPOILERS!: Spoilers from Walking Dead TV show up to Season 4 finale, and Walking Dead comic up to issue 101. Oh, and a sneaky Lost spoiler too.

Where will the Walking Dead story take us after this week’s Season 4 finale? I’m going to give a few predications for where this is going next in Season 5, with stories and deaths.

– I think we all know Terminus is a cannibal camp, why did they not just state this in the finale? Did the writers believe we wouldn’t all come to this conclusion as quickly as we have? This must be some sort of twist they planned to show us early Season 5 (but will be very excited if this is the biggest curveball they have thrown at us, so long as it makes sense).

-The cannibals give all those who arrive the opportunity to survive, they may not be lying. We did not see the interaction between Glenn’s group after their arrival. I suspect they are given meat first, told what it is second and then given the choice. Do they want to join them? If it is a ‘no’ the trapping begins the same way Rick’s group were rounded up.

– Option (a) Carol, Tyreese and Judith are living within the community. I’m pretty sure Carol’s group were the first to find the Terminus signs, if so they are likely to have gotten there first (although perhaps not with their stop off at The Grove). I think Carol is aware that the rest of the group would come across these signs and make their way there too. She may not agree with the cannibals but she has always made the tough decisions to survive. She is lying in wait for Rick and the gang to make it, to reunite Judith with her father. Tyreese, I feel, will go with whatever Carol thinks is best. They have the plus of having Judith with them, this group may be very interested in a new generation. Carol and Tyreese may be checking in on new meat in the hope of finding their friends.

– Option (b) Tainted meat. I think there HAS to be a ‘tainted meat’ moment. It is so iconic in the comic books. Dale is no longer with us so he is out, the death scene was originally written for Hershel in the books (the writers felt he had so much to deal with though) but he is out too. I believe this will be Tyreese’s moment. Tyreese is dead by this point in the comic so it is easy for him to be written out now. I feel he will be bitten on the way to Terminus, trying his hardest to stay human as long as he can to escort Carol and Judith to the gates and check it out. I think he will come across as sick, the cannibals will want to eat this one early on so he doesn’t turn on them. Hopefully he will be sat next to them to shout ‘TAINTED MEAT’ as they chomp down on his infected flesh.

– Could option b work with Carol as bitten? I hope not, they have developed her into such an intense character – a leader to rival Rick – that they cannot kill her off. However Tyreese needs to stay alive long enough to tell Rick he forgave Carol. I think we all want to see the look on Rick’s face!

– I feel that in some way Carol and Tyreese will bust Rick’s group out. Although if we look at the foreshadowing ‘Beth is the new sheriff’. Why was Beth in those flashback scenes? There must be a reason.

– Where is Beth? I don’t think the cannibals kidnapped her. They have people questing to their gates, why do they need to go on runs for people? There is speculation she has been taken by Father Gabriel – the comic book priest. Why would he do that? To protect her from Terminus? Why not just walk up to them both and explain? To protect her from Daryl? Perhaps. The Beth being kidnapped story is a strange one as it hasn’t been referenced since that episode. I feel this could be a whole season, at least half a season, absence for Beth. It’ll give Daryl someone else to search for, and maybe cause some friction for Daryl and Carol. My guess is that it’ll be a completely separate cult. Somewhere that wants young women to reproduce and continue the human race. Watch out Season 6.

– Deaths in Season 5.

(a) Bob and Sasha, once Sasha has been reunited with Tyreese she has no other purpose. Bob is also a nothing character too, both death fodder.

(b) Maggie and Glenn, won’t have the emotion of Jinn and Sun from Lost, but they’ll do a dramatic lovers death for these two. Will they kill  Maggie before revealing where Beth is though? Unsure.

(c) Tyreese. As theories above, he will be the major character death this season.

(d) Tara. I always forget she even exists. Will throw herself in the line of fire for Rick’s group for redemption. Not that anyone cares.

I think everyone else will survive. We have Abraham’s group’s story to go through. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl and Carol are the untouchable group. (Much like Rick, Carl, Andrea, Michonne and Glenn in the comics – but hang on… one of them got killed off…) They need to complete Beth’s kidnap story too.

– New characters? Father Gabriel – if Beth has been kidnapped by someone for a positive reason. It makes sense as he is also a post-prison survivor we meet like Abraham’s group.

So these are my thoughts. Only need to wait until October to check in and see if they are right! Have a lovely Summer.


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