A little reflexology

I had my first session of reflexology yesterday. I may have mentioned I work admin in an adult college and sometimes there are perks. I’ve taken home beautifully decorated cakes before and some amazing balloon artistry. I’ve learnt the odd Spanish word and can always get help with my spelling. But yesterday was my first ever treatment.

One learner didn’t have a client to bring in for his reflexology assessment, and with all the computer systems down I was asked to step in. I didn’t know much about the treatment except it was foot related. Unfortunately I have extremely ticklist feet!

Before the treatment I was introduced to the learner and filled in some consultation stuff. I was immediatly informed that this learner couldn’t speak much English. This made for a lot of confusion.

The treatment started and I was lowered back in a garden type chair. I braced myself through being tickled but it wasn’t so bad, only my toes! The treatment showed my headaches I’d had recently but also problems with my knees. I’d had this trouble when I’d been running but with my break I’d hoped this would get fixed.

The learner explained I should roll a golf ball around that area to assist this. Well, not straight away. He tried to tell me the words ‘golf ball’ and when he wrote it down and I finally understood I had no idea what was a golf ball and why it had ever come up!

I was surprised it was my knees that were the problem though, my big injury that led me to rest from running was my hip.

It was a strange treatment, the teacher told me it was quite different to the other learners as he included some things he had learned in Korea. Not that I would know what is what! I’m not rushing back to have this done again, I’m quite happy as I am.


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