What ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was, or should’ve, been about

Yes, I’m late. The world came to terms with the awful ending to ;’How I Met Your Mother’ over two weeks ago. I’d been watching season 9 at my own pace but when I saw the uproar I sped through the last 16 episodes to find out what the fuss was about.


I quite liked most of the finale. Even though most of season 9 was building up to Barney and Robin’s wedding I bought that their relationship worn down after 3 years and the couple divorced. I could see them working out as a couple who divorced but stayed friends. Barney didn’t need to regress to being a womanizer. Perhaps Barney could’ve rekindled a past relationship which he was now man enough to commit to. Had a baby in a loving relationship and still had his ‘I will love you forever’ moment with his daughter. Robin would’ve focused on her career before meeting someone who understands her desire to travel. The gang could’ve stayed together.

They didn’t need to kill the mother! In a show called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ she should have been the end game! We got to know Tracey and love Tracey through season 9. We saw her and Ted’s instant connection through missed meetings and shared interests. This character was deigned for Ted and after all his year’s of waiting he found the woman he was meant to be with.

That is what this show should’ve been about. I understand they shot an ending with the kids while they were still teenage enough to do so and, without knowing what the future held, they got it all wrong.

Ted wasn’t telling the kids this story because he was still in love with Robin, it was because he was telling his kids that it is okay to wait for love. The daughter may have been through a tough heartbreak, and Ted was reassuring them that even through all his past romantic disasters, even though he was ready to meet the one, ready to commit and have his kids, the one just wasn’t there. He had to wait.

There were three main relationships throughout the series. Marshal and Lily, first loves, met as teenagers and were (almost) never apart. This is rare but does happen. Robin and Barney, two people who couldn’t commit to relationships, but that was okay. They had their perfect time together and moved on. And then Ted and Tracy, waiting years to find each other and though they were a little later in life still had their family experience together. Everyone gets what they want.

Ted was teaching his kids through his stories that relationships are hard, but things do work out how they should. They shouldn’t rush love, even when it comes to them young. They shouldn’t settle too quickly if they aren’t ready. And they shouldn’t get disheartened when their true love doesn’t come knocking the minute they’re ready for them.


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