Madame Tussauds & Ghost Bus Tour

So back in February James and I took a stroll around London. It was valentines day and we both took the day off work to share it together. It is a good reminder that we need to enjoy each others company amongst the chaos going on around us.

Madame Tussauds was not the activity of choice for either of us. We had done it in Blackpool and found all the London cast offs to be rather funny. However we chose to hit this attraction as it was one of a few we hadn’t reached using our Merlin Annual passes (RIP). We had an evening planned at Pizza Express and on the Ghost Bus Tour. This was a mere warm up.

On entry to the attraction we were very confused. We were handed a couple of wrapped items and told to go up the stairs. At the top were a large group of people who were all just lingering around, not taking photos, no effort to get in the lift, I have no idea why they were standing there as a staff member directed us straight into a lift.

We are probably world record Madame Tussauds visitors. We aren’t really fans of posing with the models, only a few funny ones. We spotted John Wayne early on, James’ Mum’s favourite actor. Her birthday as coming up so we jumped in for a selfie.

John Wayne

We enjoyed the Marvel part too, even if it was quite short. The 4D cinema experience was a bit of fun but clearly for younger Marvel fans. We got stuck in posing with the models here though:

IMGP0197 - Copy

It would be a good afternoon of fun for anyone who loves all things celebrity and love a good selfie, but we were not in our element at Madame Tussauds. We headed off to Charing Cross for a lovely Pizza Express before wandering down a dark Northumberland Avenue.

We were early for the Ghost Bus Tour but were greeted by a mysterious conductor who took our details and in response gave us the number 4 “the ghost told me to tell you”. This would’ve been more scary had he been clearer though as I started looking through my paperwork for reference numbers and started rattling them off. We waited for the bus confused, with our only knowledge the number 4.

The Ghost Bus Tour arrived and in the eerily dark February evening looked like this:


Crowds of people had arrived by this point and flooded to the bus doors to get their seats. A conductor appeared blocking their path. “You will be seated in order of your arrival number 1 please”. Woohoo! I was so pleased. Being number 4 gave us great seats. We sat at the top front so could have a good view of everything on our side. The curtains (used for a gimmick at the end) were slightly annoying but couldn’t complain about the seats.

The tour is a good one if you like mysteries, crime and all things creepy about London. A story ran through the tour as well about a ghost on board the bus too which was a bit of a laugh.

I wasn’t happy with the walking part, I understand the bus probably couldn’t go down the route we needed to see this part but I’d rather skip it and stay cosy on the bus.

Some may find the acting and story cheesy and annoying, if you’re looking for straight forward facts about London this probably isn’t the best one for you. But for a funny, spooky night out this is fab! A perfect way to spend time with the one you love the most!


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