The real story behind Stinky Pete and Lotso

As much as I was overjoyed to see Toy Story 3 in cinemas when it was released in 2010, I was disappointed. Not with Andy giving away the toys, not with the film’s story being too similar to Toy Story 2, but my own personal disappointment that my villain theory was incorrect.

During the time when the film’s trailers were around the internet and it was clear that Lotso was the villain of this story, I had a very clear and, in my mind, very likely theory as to the true nature of this sweet scented bear. It turned out the be false, but I was adamant before stepping into the cinema that I had it cracked.

Stink Pete, The Prospector, was dressed up as Lots ‘ O’ Hugging Bear!

It is actually a little creepy, now that I think about it, but it made sense to me. Watching TS3 again last night I considered how this would’ve worked in their universe…

So, we are aware that The Prospector spent his life in a box. He was the comical sidekick to Woody, a fellow Round Up Gang member with Jessie and Bullseye. See, the boys all wanted a Woody doll, and the girls loved a strong female character so went for the Jessie dolls. If the kid was lucky they’d have a Bullseye companion. But who wanted the Stinky Pete doll? Not many, hence poor old Stinky was left behind. He watched as all the others gained homes and waited for the day a child would gaze into his face and smile.

stinky pete 2

It never happened. He was shipped around, sat in his box, and avoided the dump on several occasions. He was then discovered by Al, a toy collector, who could see his worth still mint in box. He went into storage again, but with a clear aim to be admired as a display doll. The only one of his kind.

Woody and the gang spoiled his one hope for meaning to his sorry life and he ended up in the hands of a child named Amy. Amy was an artist. On discovering a stinky old man doll she designed a pretty dress, covered his face in stars and put him on display on her shelf with the other random dolls she had accumulated and made over. She made one other alteration before his exile, she pinged the plastic grey spike from it’s wooden handle and replaced it with another piece of brown plastic. A walking stick, if you will. It was the only way to keep the wobbly old toy from falling over and a weapon just didn’t suit his outfit.

stinky pete 1

Again, Stinky’s life was about watching as other dolls were played with. But no toy more so than that bear. A purple bear that sat pride of place on Amy’s bed. Every night she would smell his head and fall asleep with the soft bear in her arms. Stinky detested that bear. That bear never made any attempt to let Stinky join the group. All the girly dolls, the Barbies, the ponies and the fairies, no one wanted anything to do with Stinky Pete.

When Amy’s mum hit the bedroom with a black sack in hand Stinky was the first to fall victim to the yard sale. Again, he watched as all the other toys were picked up and given new homes with new kids who looked excited by them.  One boy picked up Stinky. He held Stinky close to his face and examined the drawings all over him. Then he laughed at the dress and as his Mum called out the boy dropped Stinky to the ground. Here he stayed until Mum packed up and headed inside. Stinky still out by the dustbins.

Stinky left. He had no where to go. He strolled the streets, angry, bitter and alone. Then he met some others. There were other toys on their own adventure. As Stinky approached the toys he recognised one of them. It was that bear. That smelly, purple bear. People always called him Stinky Pete but he never actually stunk like that bear did. Stinky decided to hold back, he watched the group and waited for his moment.

stinky pete 3

This bear looked a sadder bear. He didn’t look like the smug one that Amy hugged every night. Oh, how much Stinky wished he had a child to hug him. If only he was soft and smelled nice, rather than a plastic old man with a repelling name. He hated that bear so much. He waited for his moment, that smelly old bear was alone. At first he greeted the bear, found out he was known as Lotso and that he and his two friends were on their way back to their owner, Daisy’s, house. An owner? These toys were owned too? They were hugged at night and loved by a child?

Stinky grew angry. He wanted all that Lotso had! He ripped open the smelly bear, pulled out chunks of his stuffing, and while no one was around he climbed inside…

Still using his walking stick to get around this hollowed out Lotso, really Stinky Pete, told his friends Big Baby and Chuckles that their journey had made him tired. The three travelled on to Daisy’s house and as they reached her window and peered in they saw another Lotso in Daisy’s arms! Not again! Stinky was furious. This was his chance to be loved. Big Baby and Chuckles planned to wait outside for Daisy to find them but Stinky demanded they all leave.

stinky pete 4

Together they found Sunnyside and were taken in. Stinky, from within his Lotso costume, felt the joy of being played with for the very first time as these young children hugged and cuddled the bear. This is what he wanted, what he deserved, and he wanted to keep it for himself.

Stinky got to work on taking over Sunnyside. He gave off a caring nature that the toys all fell for. It didn’t take long for Stinky to have everything he desired. He finally had the life he wanted. Until that cowboy doll turned up again…

That is how I see it.

I didn’t understand why Kesley Grammer wasn’t voicing Lotso. I thought the chubby shape, the older character and the WALKING STICK were massive giveaways! I didn’t know Lotso’s back story, but I thought there must’ve been a time when Stinky Pete took on an old, beat up cuddly bear skin and used it to become a loved toy.

stinky pete 5555

So, did this ever cross the mind of anyone else? I thought it might be a common idea but I found it difficult to find anyone else writing as such online. Maybe I just have weird ideas. I don’t know. I thought it might be an interesting plot twist though.


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