The Brownies meet some furry friends

We are one of those lucky units to have a Pets at Home store around the corner from our meeting place. I only recently discovered their community group scheme so this was our unit’s first ever visit.

Booking the session was so easy, just called the store and spoke to a certain manager and we were given a date.

Early drop offs
The evening started on a slightly annoying point. We asked the girls to arrive at 6:50pm so we could start the session at 7pm. On our last visit to Hobbycraft we made a point of arriving at the time we had given (we have a lot of early drop offs at the moment) only to find girls and parents clogging the inside of the store. This time we did arrive extra early at 6:30pm, this would give us time to meet the activity leader first and also block any parents from loitering in the doorway. Well, one girl had still managed to beat us! Her brother told us he thought it was a 6:30pm start. We carried on as expected with one girl in tow, discussed the session with the activity leader then headed outside to meet the girls. Then it started raining. The next girl to arrive at 6:35pm had no coat on (the parents were informed we were meeting outside) and it became a case of us having to take all the very early girls into one corner of the shop and wait for 30 minutes.

Perhaps next time we will have only one leader arrive early, then parents will need to wait for a second leader to arrive to leave their daughter? Hopefully it won’t be raining so we can meet outside as planned? Who knows.

Making some cute new friends
Anyway, the Pets at Home session was a basic meet the animals session. The Brownies sat in an oval and were brought a giant bunny rabbit first. Cue certain girls who started leaning in and grabbing the poor thing toward them. Everyone had a chance to stroke her before meeting the guinea pigs. Those who wanted to held one and passed them around. One got a little scared and took a new home up Smiley Brownie’s trouser leg. Cue easily excited Brownies laughing and screaming and scaring the poor mite even more.


Next we headed to the fish tanks and all had a chance to view the different species. Lastly we headed to the hamster cages and had a look at what these little ones were up to. We had a great talk from one lady about the rats, she was great at entertaining the Brownies with her chats to the rat and kept them all under control as she spoke.

We also met a chinchilla, the girls and leaders alike were shocked at how soft her fur was. Look at how cute she is:


While the session couldn’t really be counted as part of the Friend to Animals syllabus, it was a very fun, and very stress-free planning-free meeting! Would definitely recommend it!


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