Getting out with the Brownies

Give the Brownies some sticks, bamboo, string, planter and general natural materials and leave them to it! I love these laid back evenings where the girls do their own thing in their Sixes. For the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge the girls chose to make insect homes to look after local wildlife. Pound shops were great for collecting useful items such as bamboo and plant pots. The long planters I bought from Wilko for £2.50 each.

We headed outside and the Sixes chose some space to work. Each group needed to make a simple bamboo house by tying bamboo together and placing that within their planter. They also had a plant pot to fill with leaves and place upside down. Some Sixes used their piece of material to cover the front of the planter to keep the space dark. They all did their best to fill their homes with as many items as possible. Here are some of the results:




As groups finished the session turned into an impromptu mini beast hunting session. The planter are already home to families of ladybirds and snails.

The Sixes then found space to tuck their homes away over the next two weeks. After half term we will head outside again to see what may be living there!


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