3.3km run

So I need to start writing about running again. I read an article on staying motivated that said keeping a diary reminds you of your past efforts and achievements and this can keep you going. This works. By coincidence I started writing this blog again last summer when I first started the couch 2 5k plan.

There was a long lull of non running this year. My work pattern made it difficult to run more than once a week, and with one run a week I lost all motivation to do it. However I am back to my old working pattern and can schedule my three-four runs a week into my diary.

This is my third week back running and I’ve restarted the couch 2 5k plan to get back into it. I started on week 3, but running four times a week. I just completed four runs of week 5, although I had an incident this morning that hindered it a little.

Before sleeping last night I checked my ipod as I knew there was little charge on it. There was just enough, so I turned it off and fell asleep. This morning, 6:30am, I threw on my active gear, tucked my keys into my wristband, tied my trainers and ran my ipod down my back into my waist pocket and switched my ipod on. Nothing. I’d accidently run the battery down overnight by NOT turning it off!

I hadn’t exercised without music for a long time, I knew it didn’t work well for me. But surprisingly I kept going this morning. I planned a route in my head that I imagined to be roughly 20 minutes. It was too easy so it may have been shorter time, but without a watch I will never know.

What I did do though was plot my route on google and found I ran 3.3km. A little way from the 5k target but I think I must be on track to get back to my 30minute 5km run.

So that is why I’m back on the running blogs, I must stay motivated this time.


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