“Seconds – A Graphic Novel” by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and the Scott Pilgrim references

Love, love, love it.

Seconds is the latest graphic novel from the genius Bryan Lee O’Malley, the author known for Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea. I cannot believe it has been 4 years since I was waiting day and night for the final volume of Scott Pilgrim to be released. And then bought two copies of because my ‘pre-ordered, due to come on the day of release’ copy arrived late. This time the release of Seconds jumped out on me and all that horrendous waiting was avoided.


For those unaware, Seconds follows the story of Katie, a chef who is given the one off opportunity to change something that has happened in her life. A second chance. However, Katie abuses this and mayhem ensues! I love ‘Butterfly Effect’ stories, I love seeing the universe alter slight things due to one change. This book does plenty of this, but it is subtle too.

The artwork is beautiful. O’Malley mixes intricate building landscapes with exaggerated characters. The cute with the creepy. This is a colour book, thanks to the O’Malley having three assistants on this novel. It is beautiful and I highly recommend it.

And now, Scott Pilgrim. From what I have read online about Seconds it seems like Bryan Lee O’Malley is trying to distance himself from the ultra popular Mr Pilgrim. However there are a fair few references to his famous work so I find it hard to believe he doesn’t still have a hotspot for him.

“Bread makes you fat?” A funny Scott Pilgrim line that is reused by Hazel in this story. I immediately laughed, a little in joke to his loyal followers. I particularly liked his little ‘sorry…’ message very faintly placed underneath that pane. So cute. I only caught this on second reading.

Steven Stills, Julie and Joseph. Straight away caught Steven and Julie in Katie’s imaginary version of her new restaurant, which put me straight onto checking the backgrounds of everything. I found it strange they were in her imagination. However, later in the novel Steven and Joseph are seen getting a table at Katie’s old restaurant. (A little nod to who Steven ends up with at the end of Scott Pilgrim Vol.6). This scene comes during an alternate timeline, are we meant to believe Steven and Joseph being together occurred because Katie changed something in her own life?

Scott and Ramona. You really cannot miss these colourful characters enjoying a meal at Katie’s restaurant.

Knives? Kim? Lisa Miller? So I read online that Knives and Kim also make a cameo. I imagine people are referring to the Knives lookalike on page 116. To me though, this looks like a guy. Yes, similar haircut but I’m not convinced. I’m yet to find Kim. I also thought a girl on the same page as Steven Stills and Julie looked a lot like Lisa Miller, seemed a strange character to include but it is a possibility.

So what have I missed? I love searching for Easter Eggs but that is all I’ve got so far. Please let me know if you found anything else! Or where the heck Kim Pine is.


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