Look Wider. The challenges I’ve taken on in my life so far…

I’ve toyed with the idea of Look Wider for a few years. I never figured out doing it as I had many other responsibilities. Look Wider is The Senior Section programme for 14-26 year olds. It is about personal development and should be filled with personal challenges.

Next term one of our Brownie Helpers (a Guide) becomes a Young Leader so we have purchased her TSS top, badge tab and the booklet for the Young Leader qualification. Included in the booklet was space to complete Look Wider. Reading through it I remembered some of the weird and crazy stuff I’ve done over the last few years. So I dug up my very first blog post and will fill in the things I have done.

Personal Values:

Phase 1: Donate blood

Phase 1: Understanding the new Promise with Brownies

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Community Actions:

Phase 1: Stall at Church summer fete to raise money

Phase 1: Organise Bring and Buy sale with Brownies to raise money for local animal shelter

Phase 1:

Phase 2: 

Phase 3: Peer Education


Phase 1: Try writing reviews of places I’ve been on blog

Phase 1: Try creating ‘feltie characters’

Phase 1: Try scrapbooking

Phase 2: Make a range of ‘feltie’ characters including my own designs

Phase 3: Improve illustration through lots of practice!

Fit for Life:

Phase 1: Learn to play Table Tennis

Phase 1: Tried Archery

Phase 1: Try Davina McCall Fitness DVD

Phase 2: Complete couch 2 5k programme and continue running 3 times a week

Phase 3: First Aid Qualification and refresher courses

Out of Doors:

Phase 1: Tried segways through the forest

Phase 1: Planting flowers with Brownies

Phase 1: Nature day with Brownies with Wildlife Trust

Phase 2:

Phase 3: Brownie Holiday Qualification

Independent Living:

Phase 1: Budget for buying a house

Phase 1: Research conveyancing and solicitors

Phase 1: Learning to sew (via camp blanket!)

Phase 2:

Phase 3: Buy a house! (Well, I hope so soon)


Phase 1: Assist on a Guide trip to local campsite

Phase 1: Organize trip to Paralympic Athletics for Brownies

Phase 1: Create a unit website with input from Brownies

Phase 2: Organise a district Star Quest event for 4 local units

Phase 3: Adult Leadership Qualification


Phase 1: Start a new pen pal exchange through Guiding website

Phase 1: Brownie meeting on Japanese culture

Phase 1: India Project with Brownies including friendship bracelets to Sangam World Centre

Phase 2: Complete Together We Can Volunteer with Brownies – Backpack Project (Millennium Development Goal)

Phase 3:

So I’ve completed a lot of it (the leadership part was the easiest, could think of a lot more challenges I’ve undertaken for this!) This is just the stuff I can think of this morning. Will have a think about this and decide whether to actually go for it.


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