Laura and James’ unofficial Disney Animated Classics

This here is our joint list of the animated Disney classics. James bought me several for the birthday, and add those to the many DVDs I bought after returning from Disney World 3 years ago I have a fair few official Disney classics. With 53 official classics as of Frozen I wanted to collect them all.

However, when reading the list I was disappointed with some of the titles (films like Bolt come to mind) so I decided to make my own list, with the aim being to collect all the ones we enjoy and consider classics.

To anyone else reading his list, I’m sure you will disagree somewhere…

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

2. Pinocchio

3. Fantasia

4. Dumbo

5. Bambi

6. Cinderella

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. Peter Pan

9. Lady and the Tramp

10. Sleeping Beauty

11. 101 Dalmatians

12. The Sword in the Stone

13. The Jungle Book

14. The Aristocrats

15. Robin Hood

16. The Rescuers

17. The Fox and The Hound

18. The Black Cauldron (potentially on list)

19. The Great Mouse Detective

20. Oliver and Company

21. The Little Mermaid

22. The Rescuers Down Under

23. Beauty and the Beast

24. Aladdin

25. The Lion King

26. Pocahontas

27. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

28. Hercules

29. Mulan

30. Tarzan

31. Fantasia 2000

32. The Emperor’s New Groove

33. Lilo and Stitch

34. The Princess and the Frog

35. Tangled

36. Wreck-It Ralph

37. Frozen

If you think I have missed off an amazing film, please recommend it!


Broadchurch Season 2 – Questions and Theories

I’m sorry to those of you trolling Broadchurch Series 2, this post is speculating on the new series from a positive POV – no talk of unrealistic plot points or mumbling characters here.

Was Claire wearing the Sandbrook pendant?

We all know the really long pause the camera placed on Claire’s chest in episode 2. I don’t think this was (just) to please the male fans, I think they were showing us the pendant Claire was wearing. Before this shot Lee Ashworth said “I need to check”. We are led to assume he is checking for a wire, perhaps he was checking to see if Claire was still wearing the pendant. I think Claire tried to frame Lee for the murder to shift suspicion from herself.

Did Joe kill Danny?

It would be frustrating to find the killer was not the same character we were told it was in series 2. Considering the ending of American remake Gracepoint, which didn’t get picked up for a second series, could this be the real Broadchurch ending? I won’t spoil it for you here if you plan to watch it but I could believe this is where they are heading. But we already have the emails between Joe and Danny which prove they did have a close relationship either way.

What is Mark’s reason for hanging out with Tom?

I may be naive, but I never suspected any foul play when I saw these scenes air. Mark clearly doesn’t want to shout about this friendship with his son’s best friend as it has obvious comparisons to Joe and Danny, but I believe it is completely innocent. Mark feels guilty that he put off playing with Danny and now he wants that time back. He is replacing Danny with Tom, and Tom misses his father too. I don’t think Mark plans to kill Tom.

What is up with Danny’s argument with the hi-vis man?

We no longer have a witness to this argument following Jack’s suicide in series 1. But I still think this will come up this time. It probably wasn’t the postman but a delivery man. Perhaps he was meant to delivery a package to Danny on behalf of someone and they argued as it wasn’t delivered. Who could the package be for? Perhaps Nigel, at the end of Series 1 it was revealed that Danny also snuck out to meet Nigel and Dean to poach turkeys. Could there be more to their scheme?

Why didn’t Joe see Mark’s car earlier on the night he killed Danny?

The story goes that Mark parked up in the car park close by to the hut on top of the cliff where Joe killed Danny. Joe watches as Becca drops Mark back to his car and they drive off separately. If Joe was having secret meetings with Danny in that hut, wouldn’t he have looked out for any witnesses? Surely seeing the boy’s fathers car outside would’ve freaked him out. Something still doesn’t add up about the timeline here.

Where is missing Lisa?

The fact that the second Sandbrook ‘murder’ victim has not been found, 19 year old Lisa, pretty much means the character is still alive. She is hiding, the only reason I can imagine is because she killed Pippa. Or she was paid off by the killer. Or she was involved indirectly and feels guilty. I cannot imagine they will find her body now so she is likely to return at some point, but why would she turn up in Broadchurch? (since all the action takes place there). In series 1 it always seemed like the two victims at Sandbrook were both children, the revelation that one was a young adult instantly throws suspicion on her!

That is all I have for now, if anyone has any ideas please comment! Roll on episode three tomorrow 😀

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

So, before I get too excited about the things I think I’ll achieve in 2015 let’s take a look at my resolutions this time last year:

1. Keep running

2. Learn new things

3. Become a Peer Educator

4. Keep on blogging

I can only confirm one of those things was achieved in the fullest sense of the word. I did become a Peer Educator (blog post coming soon I hope).

Running fell apart mid year. I’m starting, slowly, to build up again. I’ve signed up to to help. I’ve done Davina McCall workouts for the last six mornings and have just bought two weights to improve on this. I plan to find my iPod this weekend and get started again. But no, I didn’t achieve this in 2014.

The Universal Class sessions stopped quickly too. After completing the first topic I couldn’t get motivated for ‘Event Planning’. I thought it would help me organise our district Brownie star quest but I managed it without the lessons. I did learn a lot this year though, mostly about being a home owner, quite a bit about Senior Section, plus the History of Guiding, how to knit, and lots during a bushcraft session.

My blog fell apart, as previously discussed, when I discovered how far into Senior Section Look Wider I was. Suddenly I had new goals that have a cut off date – Christmas 2015. Therefore all my efforts went into getting this programme up and running.

So considering this, here are my hopes and dreams for 2015:

– Complete Look Wider

I’ll keep my goals short and sweet, but this is by no means little. The things I plan to achieve rolled up into the above goal are:

– Run Race for Life 10k

– Complete the Commonwealth Award

– Learn to cook

– Design a range of superhero themed cards for Post Pals charity

– Keep up fortnightly writing for Post Pals charity

– Run 14 Peer Educator sessions

– Complete my Guiding scrapbook

– Volunteer at Wellies and Wristbands (My first Guiding camp experience!)

Hopefully I will then have three new shiny badges for my Leader tab – Peer Ed, Commonwealth and Chief Guide Award.

Looking back on last year’s goals I only completed the Guiding related one, so hopefully as all these lead to Guiding awards perhaps I will keep them up! I’ll report back soon.

Looking back at my missing 5 months and a look to the future…

So since I realised I was a lot closer to obtaining my Chief Guide award and completing the full Look Wider Octant programme my blog took a bit of a nose dive. I’ve been so busy. My last post was just over 4 months ago and I just haven’t had the time (and for a while the internet) to update this blog. So I’ll briefly recap:

September: Brownie Day Trip to local campsite, lots of short activities to complete Look Wider phases: making fealties, trying knitting, running, guiding scrapbook, commonwealth award.

October: Big Gig, Peer Educator Training Weekend, County Training Day, buying a house…

November:I had no internet for the entirety of November but my time was filled with building furniture, painting walls, buying house stuff and getting used to my new commute. Plus a week at Centre Parcs doing the cheapest stuff we could find, including adventure golf, swimming, pottery painting and bushcraft. And we started designing and painting the Mario wall. Brownies was all Nativity prep.

December: This month flew by but I have little to show for it. Buying presents? Writing up Look Wider evidence? A lot of work stuff I think!

Then I had a lovely Christmas in my own home. And now I’m back on the Brownie wagon I’ve spent all day prepping for next week, building the website and emailing everyone.

I’ve bought a chunky new diary to keep track of everything I have planned this year. Some events of the next 12 months I’m looking forward to are:

Running Free Being Me sessions

Brownie Holiday

Volunteering at Wellies and Wristbands

Two trips to ICANDO, Girlguiding centre in London

Running 10k

Completing my Chief Guide Award, hopefully my Commonwealth Award and maybe the entire Look Wider programme!