Looking back at my missing 5 months and a look to the future…

So since I realised I was a lot closer to obtaining my Chief Guide award and completing the full Look Wider Octant programme my blog took a bit of a nose dive. I’ve been so busy. My last post was just over 4 months ago and I just haven’t had the time (and for a while the internet) to update this blog. So I’ll briefly recap:

September: Brownie Day Trip to local campsite, lots of short activities to complete Look Wider phases: making fealties, trying knitting, running, guiding scrapbook, commonwealth award.

October: Big Gig, Peer Educator Training Weekend, County Training Day, buying a house…

November:I had no internet for the entirety of November but my time was filled with building furniture, painting walls, buying house stuff and getting used to my new commute. Plus a week at Centre Parcs doing the cheapest stuff we could find, including adventure golf, swimming, pottery painting and bushcraft. And we started designing and painting the Mario wall. Brownies was all Nativity prep.

December: This month flew by but I have little to show for it. Buying presents? Writing up Look Wider evidence? A lot of work stuff I think!

Then I had a lovely Christmas in my own home. And now I’m back on the Brownie wagon I’ve spent all day prepping for next week, building the website and emailing everyone.

I’ve bought a chunky new diary to keep track of everything I have planned this year. Some events of the next 12 months I’m looking forward to are:

Running Free Being Me sessions

Brownie Holiday

Volunteering at Wellies and Wristbands

Two trips to ICANDO, Girlguiding centre in London

Running 10k

Completing my Chief Guide Award, hopefully my Commonwealth Award and maybe the entire Look Wider programme!


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