2015 New Year’s Resolutions

So, before I get too excited about the things I think I’ll achieve in 2015 let’s take a look at my resolutions this time last year:

1. Keep running

2. Learn new things

3. Become a Peer Educator

4. Keep on blogging

I can only confirm one of those things was achieved in the fullest sense of the word. I did become a Peer Educator (blog post coming soon I hope).

Running fell apart mid year. I’m starting, slowly, to build up again. I’ve signed up to Jantastic.com to help. I’ve done Davina McCall workouts for the last six mornings and have just bought two weights to improve on this. I plan to find my iPod this weekend and get started again. But no, I didn’t achieve this in 2014.

The Universal Class sessions stopped quickly too. After completing the first topic I couldn’t get motivated for ‘Event Planning’. I thought it would help me organise our district Brownie star quest but I managed it without the lessons. I did learn a lot this year though, mostly about being a home owner, quite a bit about Senior Section, plus the History of Guiding, how to knit, and lots during a bushcraft session.

My blog fell apart, as previously discussed, when I discovered how far into Senior Section Look Wider I was. Suddenly I had new goals that have a cut off date – Christmas 2015. Therefore all my efforts went into getting this programme up and running.

So considering this, here are my hopes and dreams for 2015:

– Complete Look Wider

I’ll keep my goals short and sweet, but this is by no means little. The things I plan to achieve rolled up into the above goal are:

– Run Race for Life 10k

– Complete the Commonwealth Award

– Learn to cook

– Design a range of superhero themed cards for Post Pals charity

– Keep up fortnightly writing for Post Pals charity

– Run 14 Peer Educator sessions

– Complete my Guiding scrapbook

– Volunteer at Wellies and Wristbands (My first Guiding camp experience!)

Hopefully I will then have three new shiny badges for my Leader tab – Peer Ed, Commonwealth and Chief Guide Award.

Looking back on last year’s goals I only completed the Guiding related one, so hopefully as all these lead to Guiding awards perhaps I will keep them up! I’ll report back soon.


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