Laura and James’ unofficial Disney Animated Classics

This here is our joint list of the animated Disney classics. James bought me several for the birthday, and add those to the many DVDs I bought after returning from Disney World 3 years ago I have a fair few official Disney classics. With 53 official classics as of Frozen I wanted to collect them all.

However, when reading the list I was disappointed with some of the titles (films like Bolt come to mind) so I decided to make my own list, with the aim being to collect all the ones we enjoy and consider classics.

To anyone else reading his list, I’m sure you will disagree somewhere…

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

2. Pinocchio

3. Fantasia

4. Dumbo

5. Bambi

6. Cinderella

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. Peter Pan

9. Lady and the Tramp

10. Sleeping Beauty

11. 101 Dalmatians

12. The Sword in the Stone

13. The Jungle Book

14. The Aristocrats

15. Robin Hood

16. The Rescuers

17. The Fox and The Hound

18. The Black Cauldron (potentially on list)

19. The Great Mouse Detective

20. Oliver and Company

21. The Little Mermaid

22. The Rescuers Down Under

23. Beauty and the Beast

24. Aladdin

25. The Lion King

26. Pocahontas

27. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

28. Hercules

29. Mulan

30. Tarzan

31. Fantasia 2000

32. The Emperor’s New Groove

33. Lilo and Stitch

34. The Princess and the Frog

35. Tangled

36. Wreck-It Ralph

37. Frozen

If you think I have missed off an amazing film, please recommend it!


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