8k in one hour

So I officially start my 10k training program on Wednesday and for my final run before I get started I went out and ran a slow hour. This was actually my second time running an hour, this time I used the 5 minute warm up as a slow run as part of the hour, opposed to my first time when I used it as a five minute walk before I got started. However, I ran a longer distance this time even though last time I walked 10 minutes on top of my hour run so it must’ve been some sort of improvement.

The first 10 minutes was fine, but from minute 10-30 was the hardest part. After passing the half way point the time seemed to fly by.

I’m also hoping this was my last run without a GPS watch. I’d been interested in getting one for a while but hadn’t really looked into a reasonable priced one. Yesterday, when looking for a Tumble Dryer, I accidently cam across a very well priced watch, but it was out of stock! But there was one in stock in a nearby store – but it had been set aside for someone else. It is out of stock online so I’m hoping this person didn’t pick it up yesterday so I can reserve it and buy it! Just waiting until 11am to find out.


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