5 years service and I’m burning out

Things are stressful at the moment.

It is less than two weeks until Brownie holiday and am still waiting on payment from two girls. One is in hand, but due to the child’s situation it has meant extra work on my part. The second is just unfair on us, the parent doesn’t take responsibility for the payment and it leaves me with the stress of not knowing how many girls to cater for, and if this child doesn’t attend it leaves our funds short. (Two have already pulled out, however managed to arrange for them to come for the day.)

I lost my USB drive with the vast majority of my Look Wider and Commonwealth Award work. It must be somewhere in this house. We tidied up before James’ Mum came over and I remember looking at it on the table. I would’ve put it somewhere safe, but for the last two weeks I have searched and found nothing. Today I have started to redo the work, saving it both to a new USB and the computer.

I still have a lot of hours to make up for the Post Pals project. I’m up to 18 hours, so still 12 to go for Community Action Phase 3. My Commonwealth Award too, I still have a lot to do for fit for life and investigation. My 10k training took a stop for three weeks also, which made restarting very tough. Only 9 weeks to go, so I’ve set up a new training plan. I’m close to finishing Independent Living, just two more new recipes to do and I’ve got one planned for Tuesday. Out of Doors is out of my hands until August when I’m volunteering for Wellies and Wristbands, so that isn’t a worry right now. And personal values is in hand too, a couple more peer education sessions planned for the next two weeks.

Work was stressful on Friday. A lot of discussion on the future at work had me literally sweating! I’m back in this afternoon, not sure how things will go but don’t want to discuss that too much here. But right now, work is stressing me out too.


I was grateful to receive my 5 years award on Saturday! It is a nice boost to pin a new badge to my tab and to be recognised for the length of time given. I’ve learned so much in 5 years, done a lot of things I never would have, been new places and met new people. It is exciting to think what will happen in the next five years. However, the next five months are crucial. There isn’t much time left to complete this chief guide, look wider and commonwealth award. I just hope I shake off this lull and move on to complete it all.


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