First Yoga Practice

So for my Commonwealth Award (International Phase 3) I am learning about Yoga. I chose this form of exercise to help compliment my running, and also to improve mental health as well as physical.

I started my journey by researching the foundations of Yoga. Firstly, I didn’t realise Yoga was made of six branches, six different paths to pursue including Karma Yoga (acts of kindness that will eventually lead to a happy life). The form of Yoga I plan to look into is called Hatha Yoga and uses poses, breathing and meditation to aid a happy life.

This post really though is to track my progress following the first physical session. (All my previous learning was held within the missing USB, so I’ll come back to the theory later).

I came across an online resource for practising yoga, a website:

The first session I have completed was the video called ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners’. This is my very first step into practising Yoga, and this video was a calm and not threatening at all. The session starts in the sukhasana pose (or simply, with your legs crossed) this leads to twists and stretches from all parts of the upper body. Then poses such as table, cat and cow, which are done on all fours.

Other poses included are the mountain pose, downward dog, warrior pose 1 and warrior pose 2.

I liked this session as it was easy, the time went quickly, and it was a good mixture of simple poses to learn the basics, but also included some recognised poses like warrior to get straight into the asanas that Yoga is known for.

Reflecting on the session, I enjoyed stretching, the feeling in my body of stretching body parts that are often neglecting through day to day desk work, and even running. I also like the strength you feel by holding some of the bigger poses, and also the quiet of sitting in the simpler poses. Health wise, I don’t know how much effect that one session would have – but like any exercise I will need to keep it up to notice a difference.


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