I’m still here!

If there was ever a blog post that screamed “Oh! I just remembered I had a blog, I’ll spend 15 minutes writing something and then forget about it again” it is the one I just used.

It has been 4 months since my last post explaining my stress and struggles with my workload. My lack of blogging comes from the same reason. In July I started a secondment role at work. Much more thinking involved and never a lunch break in sight! It has been tough working on Brownie stuff with all my new marketing role always clogging my brain, even outside my hours.

I had been spending a lot of time trying to finish my Look Wider, which I believe is now done! I haven’t officially received my pin for my Commonwealth Award so I don’t know whether to consider my phase 3 of international done but in my mind there is no more work to do. I have posts lined up for each octant. Also, my new favourite piece of evidence is the article in the most recent guiding magazine about a few peer education sessions I’ve run, that was awesome!

There are posts on our Brownie trip to London Zoo and volunteering at Wellies and Wristbands due too. Did I ever do one on Brownie holiday??

In my spare time I’m obsessing over Until Dawn Let’s Plays, trying to keep up with the house and now back to prepping each week of Brownies. This term we have some fun activities lined up, including space night and a visit to the police station.

I cannot guarantee I’ll be back straight away with these updates, I hope so! I have a holiday coming up soon so even more the write about then.

I’ll see you on the next blog post, and until then BYE BYE!


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