Leadership Octant – Phase 1

Phase 1 of an octant must be about trying new things and should last for a couple of hours. These are the adventures I had to achieve Phase 1 of the Leadership Octant…

Phase 1: Run the Adventure 100 Badge

This was the first badge I brought to the unit to run when I began my training as a leader. The badge was to celebrate 100 years of guiding and to encourage the Brownies to try new things.

adven 100

The first craft I lead the Brownies in was the dream catcher. This was for the ‘In the Dark’ section. While I enjoy making things it has been a lot more difficult explaining to the Brownies how to make things and I feel this is improving. The girls’ dream catchers did come out well, though some did find it difficult to thread the string around the paper plate.

Other activities we did to earn this badge include growing plants and designing uniforms for the future.

Phase 1: Organise trip to watch Paralympic Athletics

The idea for this trip came about as I researched what other units were doing. I had already purchased tickets for Olympic events, and seeing that it was easy to purchase up to 22 tickets for Paralympic events I sent out a letter to gage interest. We filled all 22 tickets, including leaders. The trip took extra planning as I had to ensure our seats would have disability access. The Olympic park was very busy, so keeping the girls together was more of a task than on our previous day trip.

Having been to the Olympic park before our visit, I was aware the gift shop was very busy and very expensive. Therefore I organised gift bags for each Brownie including a GB flag, an Olympic wristband, a mascot key ring, some sweets and a handmade programme including the morning’s events and a cartoon of Super Brownie at the Paralympics. A couple of girls enjoyed the visit so much they used their ticket and a photo they took as show and tell at school!


Phase 1: Assist Guide group at ‘It’s a Knockout’

I don’t work with Guides, when I first started with Brownies I could not imagine working with the older group. However, when emailing a local Guide leader I offered to help with any trips as I knew they were low on leaders. The day trip to Chigwell Row was an  event consisting of a wide game and an It’s a Knockout competition. In the morning I helped run a base so interacted with a lot of different Guides. I was helping the girls make a hair braid. It was a good little craft, but not something that would be so easy to run with Brownies.


In the afternoon I supported the Guides as they competed in the It’s a Knockout competition. In the evening we enjoyed a barbeque and a campfire. In the down time between activities I spent time talking to the girls and really felt I understood their age group a bit more.


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