The Bucket List

While I’m on holiday with plenty of time for my mind to wander, I end up considering all the things I want to achieve. Coming home from holiday, I find myself very low. The thought of having to continue on with my precious little life. To get past it I need to consider again those things I had been thinking about – what I still need to achieve. So here lies the bucket list.


Visit Rome and the Colosseum

Ride a segway

Complete a scrapbook

Buy my first home

Run 10k

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Try white water rafting

Go to Florida

Swim with dolphins

Try yoga

Get a tattoo

To Do

Write & draw my graphic novel

See the Northern Lights

Visit Iceland

Get a nice hairstyle

Learn Spanish until fluency

Develop my wardrobe of clothes

Learn to meditate

Develop good posture

Create a family cookbook

Right, no more time today wasted on fantasies, time to get to work!


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