Leadership Octant – Phase 2

Phase 2 of an octant should take at least 12 hours to complete, it can be a continuation of Phase 1 or something new. For my Phase 2 I tried something new that included aspects of Phase 1…

Phase 2: Organise a district Star Quest event for 4 local Brownie groups

With input from our District Commissioner I started planning an afternoon event to be enjoyed by the 4 Brownie groups in our district, a Big Brownie Birthday Star Quest. I spent a lot of time researching possible activities, finding out what other districts, divisions and counties were doing. I settled on one activity from each of the past, present and future zones, and created a forth zone ‘Challenge’. The 3rd and 4th Guides helped with the event by running Go For It activities for our Future zone. I prepared the other three zones, there was a range of carnival games, which included making a bean bag toss game, collecting and decorating glass bottles for the hoopla and making a target golf game. I spent time finding cheap headbands and pipe cleaners to make effective, glittery star bopper headbands, each Brownie and leader were wearing one by the end of the afternoon. I also sourced materials for the newspaper tower competition, which included making colourful flags so the Brownies could identity which was theirs and the winners could be decided.


I also spent a lot of time checking the budget as each unit paid £25 for the event, and £60 of this went to the venue. I also wrote emails to keep other leaders informed and created decorations. It was a lot of hard work but was worth it to see so many girls enjoying themselves and trying new things together.


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