Leadership Octant – Phase 3

Phase 3 of an octant is a long-term commitment and should take at least 30 hours, can include gaining a qualification or teaching something to others. My Phase 3 is something I completed a few years ago, but still within my time in Senior Section…

Phase 3: Adult Leadership Qualification

When I first started my ALQ it was difficult to find time to complete the clauses and therefore it took about a year and a half to complete.

This training gave me my first opportunities to try running activities, and eventually whole meetings with the Brownies. One of my first activities was a ’Smartie’ quiz night. I had planned for 4 of each colour Smartie to be in the tube, as each colour related to a different category, and only as we played the quiz did I realise I had been using the wrong tube. We worked through it and the evening was quite successful.

I found it interesting to work with the girls individually, and gave me the chance to see how I could assist on a one to one basis to help improve their confidence.

This training introduced me to the five essentials, which I still check our programme for.

I led a few planning sessions with the Brownies during this time and tried out different ways of getting the girls to decide on activities. While asking all the girls while sat in a circle is good if the entire group are confident, but I prefer to ask the Sixes to come up with lists that are brought together as it gives quieter girls the chance to contribute.

Part of my training was to attend a First Response course, which I completed in February 2011 and have since completed a refresher course too. First aid was an area I knew little on, but was important for me to learn and keep up to date with.


I completed my Adult Leadership Qualification on 14th May 2011 with my final clause being the training for the age group I would be working with. At the end of the training I took my book to the appropriate guider, who then called for quiet in the room so everyone could congratulate me! I was so glad to finish and be an official leader.


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