Creativity Octant – Phase 2

Phase 2 of an octant should take at least 12 hours to complete, it can be a continuation of Phase 1 or something new. For my Phase 2 I tried something new that included aspects of Phase 1…

Phase 2: Make a range of ‘feltie’ characters including my own designs

After completing my first feltie, I took on a few more. Next I attempted the Lion. I realised that making felties with light coloured felt would be difficult as the material became dirtier the more I was touching it. This one also included a tail from thread which was more difficult than it looked. I was unhappy with the outcome of this one. The stitches were wonky and his face is also lopsided.


I then tried another dog feltie as I hoped this would be simpler to practice my skills on. From the design in the book his face is supposed to be that shape! I was happier with this feltie.



I chose different colours for the rabbit feltie, and adjusted the shape of the arms compared to the pattern. This wasn’t very successful, and I used a plastic button to try and mask my least favourite feltie. However, I do like the design of the eyes.


Next I challenged myself with the alien feltie. The trickiest part of this one was lining up the beads above his eyes in a curve. This took a lot of time and patience.



I enjoyed making the Panda feltie, though this one involved lots of small pieces. It also contained more stitched features.


I then tried my own design, based on the Hello Kitty character. Using what I learnt I designed a bow with a stitched detail.

Choosing a completely different design, I created a penguin inspired by some felt Christmas decorations I had seen. This involving stitching different colour felt on top of each other on top of a white border.


My next custom design was a human feltie. The problems I faced with this was that stitching the hair to the head meant having white thread on brown felt, which stands out quite a bit. I also realised that shoulders are not aesthetically pleasing.



My final custom design brought together some techniques I’d learned from previous fealties. I liked the eyes from the rabbit, so chose these to make this human feltie look cute compared to the previous one. I also based the body type more on the animal characters by ignoring shoulders. Adding the sash was a last minute decision, but I think this helps distinguish her as a Brownie.



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