Creativity Octant – Phase 3

Phase 3 of an octant is a long-term commitment and should take at least 30 hours, can include gaining a qualification or teaching something to others. My Phase 3 is something I completed a few years ago, but still within my time in Senior Section…

Phase 3: Create and maintain a Brownie unit website

Inspired by an article in ‘Guiding’ magazine I set up a Brownie unit website. Before I started I researched what other Brownie units included on their website. I decided we would have a latest news section, information on badges, a page for each six and a section where we could be contacted.

The initial set up of the website took over 6 hours, from designing each webpage, choosing colours and fonts, and writing blurbs about our group, the leaders, the promise and badges. I checked the Brownies forms to ensure they all had permission for photos to be published and included some of these to advertise the type of activities we offer.

I update the website each week after Brownies to add the latest news, a relevant photo and update the ‘Next week…’ comment. After a Brownie holiday or special project or event I will spend longer writing a more in-depth report.

My hope for the website is that it will show the parents what their daughters are doing; will introduce and advertise Brownie groups to prospective new parents and will show those not involved in Guiding the range of activities Brownies can do.

After the new brand was launched in February 2013 I read up on the new guidelines and tried to implement this into the unit website. I set all fonts to Trebuchet MS and changed the colours to match the Brownie brand colours.

In Spring 2014 I completed the Girlguiding e-learning on our branding and therefore I did a redesign of the entire site. Much of the content remained the same but I edited the design to be clearer and brighter by using blocks of text surrounded by branding colour blocks. I updated the badges page to include a wider range of interest badges the Brownies could complete at home. I included the new Brownie section logo with our localised unit name and added a Girlguiding bubble photo of a couple of our girls to the top bar.

I have spent on average 15-20 minutes a week updating the website, so over a school year of 39 weeks this would be about 10 hours. I have been maintaining the website for 3 years, totalling 30 hours. Plus I spent approximately 6 hours setting up the initial website, and at least 3 hours updating the website to meet the new branding guidelines.


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